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Be Realistic, Demand the Impossible

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Having established social justice and ecological sustainability permanently throughout the world, Matt Yglesias and Kevin Drum have declared victory. Yay?

Tuesday Links

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Been busy today. Here are links.

* Pam Spaulding talks about the Durham City Council meeting last night at which a pro-same-sex marriage resolution was passed.

* “In the future, a famous person will die every fifteen minutes.”

* More bad news for Republican Chris Christie as a nonpartisan ethics group, NJ-CREW, has now called for an investigation into his time as U.S. Attorney. He’s also facing criticism over unreported interest from a loan made to current staffers at the U.S. Attorney office.

* The Obama White House says reports of the death of the public option are greatly exaggerated. (No word yet on the pubic option.)

* David Cross was funny last night on the Daily Show.

* Mad Men footnotes.

* Xenophobia for Dummies: A District 9 Primer. Of particular interest are the historical details surrounding apartheid-era District 6. Via this AskMe, with more.

* Meanwhile, the usually-more-astute Spencer Ackerman denies that America is anything like those nasty racists in District 9‘s Johannesburg. What’s a million Iraqis give or take?

* And the absolute worst news of all time: Arrested Development movie is nowhere near happening.”

‘The Worst Ending in the History of On-Screen Science Fiction’

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Did Battlestar Galactica have the worst ending in the history of on-screen science fiction? Brad Templeton lays out the evidence. Via io9.

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July 13, 2009 at 11:48 pm

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Hasn’t Detroit Suffered Enough?

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Confidential to the Detroit Lions: Bravo.

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December 29, 2008 at 4:48 pm

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