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There Was No Slave Trade on Krypton

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“In issue #239, a two-page map showed that Kryptonians Of Color had an island all to themselves, which is pretty embarrassing,” says Mark Waid, Boom! Studios Editor-in-Chief, occasional DC Comics writer, and pretty much expert in all things Superman. “I cringe to tell you this, but the Kryptonians of Color were all on ‘Vathlo Island, Home of a Highly Advanced Black Race.’ It wasn’t until the mid-70s, when more ‘World of Krypton’ back-up stories ran more regularly, that we really saw any ethnicity whatsoever on the planet.”

Newsarama considers the historic invisibility of Kryptonians of color. Via NeilAlien.

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January 11, 2009 at 12:35 am