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Grad student guide to interpreting advisor feedback. It’s supposedly keyed to the UK and Ireland, but it seems pretty universal to me.

Kim Stanley Robinson talks 2312 and saving the planet.

Finally, what on earth happened with AMC’s Red Mars adaptation? I gather that some people are still working on it, but it’s no longer AMC – are you still involved in that?

Red Mars is not at AMC any more, but yes, there are people still working on it, led by my wonderful media agent Vince Gerardis, so eventually something may happen. I think it would be wise not to hold your breath on that one, unless you can hold your breath for years.


Rust Belt chic: Declining Midwest cities make a comeback.

The bizarre case of Paige Sultzbach — and the all-boys team that forfeited a championship rather than play against her.

Shock Doctrine Comes to Philly Schools.

Emmet Bondurant thinks the filibuster is unconstitutional. And, alongside Common Cause, where he serves on the board of directors, he’s suing to have the Supreme Court abolish it.

* And let’s have debt ceiling fights forever. FFS.

Lindsay Lohan: Lesbian?

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I don’t think I’ve never felt the monastic solitude of grad school so deeply as reading this notice in the New York Post‘s Page Six: I didn’t even know Lindsay Lohan was dating women, and now she’s getting married to one. Congrats to the happy couple.

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September 13, 2008 at 5:45 pm