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We Have to Magic the Magic Before the Magic or the Magic will Magic

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* I’m planning on using this week’s bizarre Lost/West Wing crossover as my litmus test for how seriously to take people’s opinions on science fiction. That was painful, and enshrines what is more or less total garbage at the center of the show’s mythology. (We have to magic the magic before the magic or the magic will magic…) Despite those really good time travel bits in season five, season six has presented a strong challenge to the wisdom of our decision to start watching this show again. The showrunners still don’t have any idea what they’re on about; they never have. I’m hoping the last few episodes can avoid Battlestar Galactica levels of total series failure; I’ll be glad if they can just bring this thing in for a landing…

* Oliver Stone previews Wall Street 2 and 3.

* Climate change watch: no more lizards.

* The Great Unwinding: Detroit to begin its demolishing of 10,000 homes.

* And Boing Boing has a helpful graphic about Virgin’s SpaceShip Two. Booking my ticket now.

Sunday Links

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Sunday links.

* More well-deserved heat is being directed at the Obama administration for its inscrutably sluggish stance on gay rights: this time it’s about the Defense of Marriage Act.

* The Dow has erased its 2009 losses.

* New revelations of HIV in the porn industry.

* The great unwinding: Michigan roads shifting from pavement back to gravel.

* ‘Fallen Princesses.’

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June 14, 2009 at 3:23 pm