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Incompetent or Evil?

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It’s the impossible question. Kevin Drum:

Basically, Obama has another two or three weeks to prove he’s not an idiot. During the lame duck session, a continuing public dedication to bipartisanship might make sense because there may still be a few bills that he can pass with just a few Republican votes. And it’s easier to get those votes if he’s not out in the Rose Garden every day telling the world that Republicans are all obstructionist assholes.

But — starting next year that won’t be true anymore. Republicans will control the House, and in the Senate it will take a significant chunk of the GOP caucus to get anything passed. Sweet talking Olympia Snowe will no longer even arguably be a viable strategy. Obama’s only hope is to draw dramatic contrasts with Republican orthodoxy, call them out relentlessly on their obstructionism and corporate obeisance, and try to rally public opinion to his side. It might not work, but there’s no better alternative.

Obama’s legislative strategy was defensible during his first two years because it might have been his best opportunity to peel off a few votes here and there and get stuff passed. But if he keeps it up next year, he’s just being willfully blind. Next year is put-up-or-shut-up time.

Rachel Maddow:

Why won‘t Charlie Brown learn, and why does President Obama keep trying to negotiate with Republicans when the Republicans always disappoint him? That has been the central cartoon-based metaphor around which liberals have understood the predictable the pitfalls and faults of bipartisanship in the Obama era.

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December 1, 2010 at 7:45 pm

Stop the Insanity

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Steve Israel, the incoming DCCC chairman, isn’t a typical Nancy Pelosi ally. Among other things, he’s a former Blue Dog who voted for the Iraq war and the 2001 Bush tax cuts.

He sounds like the perfect guy to put in charge of winning back the House in 2012. What could possibly go wrong?

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November 23, 2010 at 11:09 am

Sunday Remainders

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Sunday remainders.

* Continuing his recent comics theme, American Stranger has an interesting post up about the “new style of acting dominant in ‘mainstream’ corporate entertainment of the type constructed ‘as if’ intended solely for teenage boys.”

* Here’s how to get Firefox to ask you to remember any password.

* Democrats to offer bill with offshore oil drilling. Of course they are.

* And for the theory-heads among you: How susceptible is ecocriticism to the critique that it is a nostalgia? Follow up: in what ways might ecocriticism work outside of nostalgia? (Via Timothy Morton)