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Arlen Specter, Holy Smokes!

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The implosion of the Republican Party continues apace: CNN is reporting that Arlen Specter is switching to the Democratic Party. Crazy! Never thought the little guy would do it.

UPDATE: Lots of “Holy Shits!” being dropped in Left Blogistan today over this—glad I went with “smokes” instead. Also, it occurs to me that now Neil and Srinivas have to vote for Arlen Specter. Tough luck, fellas.

UPDATE: But let’s not lose our heads.

The Warren Commission thought they had an open-and-shut case. Three bullets, one assassin. But two unpredictable things happened that day that made it virtually impossible. One, the eight-millimeter home movie taken by Abraham Zapruder while standing by the grassy knoll. Two, the third wounded man, James Tague, who was knicked by a fragment, standing near the triple underpass. The time frame, five point six seconds, determined by the Zapruder film, left no possibility of a fourth shot. So the shot or fragment that left a superficial wound on Tague’s cheek had to come from the three shots fired from the sixth floor depository. That leaves just two bullets. And we know one of them was the fatal head shot that killed Kennedy. So now a single bullet remains. A single bullet now has to account for the remaining seven wounds in Kennedy and Connelly. But rather than admit to a conspiracy or investigate further, the Warren Commission chose to endorse the theory put forth by an ambitious junior counselor, Arlen Specter, one of the grossest lies ever forced on the American people. We’ve come to know it as the “Magic Bullet Theory.” This single-bullet explanation is the foundation of the Warren Commission’s claim of a lone assassin. Once you conclude the magic bullet could not create all seven of those wounds, you’d have to conclude that there was a fourth shot and a second rifle. And if there was a second rifleman, then by definition, there had to be a conspiracy.

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April 28, 2009 at 4:16 pm

Get With It, Asians

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Texas State Rep. Betty Brown has some good advice for our friends of the Asian persuasion. Yglesias points out that South Asians are the real villains here—your Duraiswamies, your Ayyagaries, your Balasubramanians…

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April 9, 2009 at 8:51 pm

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Losing Colorado

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CNN’s John King says the McCain camp has given up on Colorado alongside Iowa and New Mexico.

They are now finishing with a very risky strategy. Win Florida… Win Nevada, that is a state that is now critical to the McCain math even though it is only five electoral votes. And here is the biggest risk of all: they say yes, they have to win North Carolina, yes, they have to win Ohio, yes, they have to win Virginia— trailing or dead even in all those states right now—but they are betting, Wolf, on coming back and taking the state of Pennsylvania. It has become the critical state now in the McCain electoral scenario, and they are down 10, 12, even 14 points in some polls there…

I hate to give free advice to McCain, but this is lunatic. The RCP average for Pennsylvania is +11.7 Obama. has it at 15.2%. Nate Silver puts McCain’s numbers in PA at 2%.

How bad are McCain’s internals in Colorado, if he thinks he has a better chance in PA? He has no chance in PA.

FYI: if he does win PA, I will personally burn both Neil and Srinivas in effigy. Sujata too.

UPDATE: Nick at Cogitamus points at one thing that distinguishes Pennsylvania from other potential McCain last-chances: no early voting.

Presumably this has something to do with information based on Colorado’s early vote totals; the McCain campaign must believe that they can’t achieve a large enough Election Day victory to offset Obama’s advantage in early voting.

Of course, Pennsylvania—Pittsbugh and Philadelphia with Alabama in the middle, in Carville’s famous phrase—is also more ripe than Colorado for racially coded campaigning, as Shankar points out in the comments.

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October 20, 2008 at 11:36 pm

My Legacy as Notorious Pornographer

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Okay, this is funny. In preparing that last post I had occasion to click on a link to my old 2004 election blog, Three Guys, where I’d blogged electoral politics with my good friend Shankar D. and my longtime nemesis Srinivas A. I haven’t clicked on any link to Three Guys in a few years because the blog has long since been deleted, ever since someone decided it might be a good idea for him to have a “career” as a “successful lawyer.” (Whatever.)

So is gone, and has been for a while.

This is what happens when you click on a Three Guys link now:

You’re about to be redirected

The blog that used to be here is now at
Do you wish to be redirected?

Forget academia. I’m never getting hired anywhere.

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June 5, 2008 at 2:35 pm

This! Is! Srinivas!

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I wish I’d remembered to mention it earlier in the day, but my friend and former co-blogger Srinivas will be on Jeopardy tonight. Check your local listings. He’ll be the skinny kid with a funny name who thinks Alex Trebek has some money for him, too.

UPDATE: Srinivas dominant before the first commercial break! He makes it look easy. Take that, returning champion Babatope Ogunmola. Take that, “Joanne.”

UPDATE 2: Alex goes right to Srinivas’s well-known participation in the National Spelling Bee during the introductions. Srinivas looks taken aback—what else does Trebek know?—but remains cool and collected.

UPDATE 3: At the end of the first round, Srinivas is in a close third, 3400 to 4200 to Babatope’s punishing 5800. Obviously Trebek’s barbs have gotten inside his head.

UPDATE 4: More taunting from Trebek at the start of round 2: All right, Srinivas, it’s up to you. Then he brings up the Spelling Bee again! Damn you, Trebek!

UPDATE 5: Srinivas retakes the lead!

UPDATE 6: And promptly loses it again on “the father of condensed milk.” Damn you, Gail Borden.

UPDATE 7: Steals an answer from Joanne by being able to properly pronounce “Nosferatu.” Sometimes it pays to know how to spell.

UPDATE 8: Daily Double for Srinivas at the end of Round 2. Srinivas bets 1500—playing it safe. Should have bet it all—he nails it with “What is Stalingrad.” Takes the last question in the round as well, ending Round 2 in second place: Babatope with about 10,000 and Joanne with about 15,000, Srinivas has about 13,700. The category: World Authors.

UPDATE 9: Here’s the answer:

In 1898 he wrote, “As for the person I have accused … they are … embodiments of social malfeasance.”

SPOILER ALERT: Click the [+/-] to read on.

Babatope guesses Voltaire (wrong), but bets $0 and holds steady. Srinivas goes second, answering Emile Zola (right) and betting it all ($13700). A risky maneuver. Joanne also answers Zola, but strategically underbets—only $5000—leaving Srinivas the surprise comeback kid with over $27,000! Srinivas wins the pennant! He’ll be back tomorrow!

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February 6, 2008 at 11:08 pm

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