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Everything I Write Is a Special Comment

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* Slant reviews Avatar.

Long a director who not only created new filmmaking techniques for his sci-fi adventures but, crucially, created tools that inherently meshed with his material, Cameron here seems to have put the WETA Digital workshop before the word processor, as his wannabe paradigm-shifter at once resets the boundaries of what’s possible to situate on screen while at the same time offering up a narrative skeleton for his wizardry that’s simplistic, hackneyed, and ultimately more than slightly inane. It’s motion-capture majesty in the service of lifeless romance and mushy-headed allegory.

* Is an Iraq-war-era split in the progressive blogosphere re-emerging over health care reform?

* In a Special Comment tonight Olbermann came out against the health care bill. A call to arms I could (potentially) get behind:

Let Lieberman and Ben Nelson and Baucus and the Republicans vote their lack-of-conscience and preclude 60 “ayes.” Let them commit political suicide instead of you. Let Mr. Lieberman kill the bill — then turn to his Republican friends only to find out they hate him more than the Democrats do. Let him stagger off the public stage, to go work … for the insurance industry.

As if he is not doing that now.

Then, Mr. Reid, take every worthwhile provision of health care reform you legally can, and pass it via reconciliation, when ever and how ever you can — and by the way, a Medicare Buy-In can be legally passed via reconciliation.

is immediately followed by something totally wrongheaded and painfully moronic:

I call on all those whose conscience urges them to fight, to use the only weapon that will be left to us if this bill becomes law.

We must not buy federally mandated insurance if this cheesy counterfeit of reform is all we can buy.

The spectacle of a millionaire instructing his viewers to risk medical bankruptcy out of spite. C’est la Olbermann.

* Why sunspots aren’t causing climate change. Via TNR and Kevin Drum.

* And Bryan Singer will return to the X-Men franchise for First Class. Still wish we could have seen what he intended for the Dark Phoenix Saga. C’est la vie.

Still Waiting

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Still waiting.

* It’s not exactly Douchiest College honors, but Duke is #14 on the Times‘s ranking of top 200 universities worldwide.

* Bitter Laughter reports by way of Nate Silver that public option opt-out may be a compromise that can actually get through the Senate—and Steve Benen agrees it’s not a bad thing.

* Also in health care: Olbermann’s hour-long “Special Comment” from last night, which wasn’t nearly as unbearable as I imagined it would be when I heard it was coming.

* A second NJ-GOV poll—albeit one taken before Fatgateshows Corzine up, this time by three.

* Lots of talk today about this New York Times genealogy of Michelle Obama, focused on an enslaved ancestor who was raped by her owner.

* Pee before you fly. It’s funny how low-cost, outside-the-box carbon solutions—like Stephen Chu’s suggestion that we paint our roofs white—are never taken seriously. It’s like our society has a death wish.

* The literary journal is dead. Long live the literary journal.

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October 8, 2009 at 11:30 pm

One Week Down!

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Friday morning and one week down!

* David Sedaris delivers a pizza.

* Stephen Colbert rightly demands that he be named worst person in the world. I certainly hope a Special Comment™ is forthcoming on this travesty.

* Confidential to climate change deniers: A headline that reads “Global Warming: Scientists’ Best Predictions May Be Wrong” doesn’t necessarily help your argument. See also. (Via Atrios.)

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July 17, 2009 at 11:30 am


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Something’s a little off at MSNBC: after last night’s Keith Olbermann Special Comment rant about the Republicans’ exploitation of 9/11, it seems a little strange to hear from Gawker that the network is currently playing its footage from 9/11/01 in real time. What’s the old saying? You can’t put lipstick on that pig. The left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing.

I generally like KO, but the Special Comment segment should simply be taken out behind the barn thrown under the bus retired. The novelty, and thus the power, is gone, and all that’s left is a deeply overused ratings stunt they now start advertising two days in advance. Last night was the worst, I think: the rant turned in the end to John McCain’s non-existent secret plan to capture Osama bin Laden, all but accusing McCain of treason for failing to share this plan with the rest of us. But the point, of course, is exactly the opposite. It’s not that McCain “knows how” to capture Osama bin Laden because he “knows wars” and “knows how to win them”—the point, sir, the point is that John McCain’s tough talk is plainly empty on its face, and therefore worthy only to be mocked.

Good night and good luck.

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September 11, 2008 at 2:17 pm