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As Safe As Possible

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On Wednesday, May 18, Progress Energy shepherded a group of Triangle media through the plant on a tour that, we were told, is only conducted once every year or two. The Indy was invited, too, and we really couldn’t say no. The opening credits of The Simpsons are the closest we’ve been to a nuclear power plant…

My visit to the Shearon Harris nuclear power plant is up at Independent Weekly.

Friday Night Links

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* A judge has suspended Wisconsin’s anti-union law pending on process grounds. The state attorney general has already appealed.

Yet the president, with this brief set of remarks, has crafted something of an Obama Doctrine for military intervention: The United States will join in a multilateral fight for democracy and humanitarian aims when it is in the nation’s interest and when the locals are involved and desire US participation. But perhaps we can shorten this: The United States will join in a multilateral fight for democracy and humanitarian aims when it is in the nation’s interest and when the locals are involved and desire US participation. How Obama turned on a dime toward war. But hold the phone! Congressional Republicans, fastidious prisoners to moral and procedural consistency, say Obama will need an official declaration of war.

* How close is your home to a nuclear power plant? Durham, you’re just 24 miles from Shearon Harris, whose spent fuel pools continue to raise alarms. But don’t worry; Dr. Coulter says radiation is good for you.

* A preposterous waste of time: Slate wants your ideas on what can be done to contain radiation at the damaged plant. We realize that this isn’t the sort of question that naturally calls out for wisdom-of-the-crowds treatment. But for every hour thatactual nuclear engineers are unable to put an end to the crisis—or at least keep it from getting worse—creative and unconventional solutions look more attractive. At the end of this Hive Mind project, we’ll consult nuclear experts on the viability of the most popular ideas.

* Crooked Timber on the attempt to close the philosophy department at Keele in the U.K.

I think the tendencies are clear. If you are teaching/doing research in a field/discipline that can not easily show (quantitatively, please!) to policy makers & bureaucrats that you will make a significant positive contribute to economic growth, your very existence is at stake. Never mind that you’re opening up minds, teaching logic or the arts, passing on history to the next generations. Either someone on the market should be willing to pay for what you’re doing, or else you are at mercy of the benevolence of your government. 

* Cosmonaut Crashed Into Earth ‘Crying In Rage.’

* And from the MetaFilter archives: “…the first occasion I’ve ever discovered where someone discovered something and immediately decided to blow it up.”

Nukes in the U.S.

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Study: U.S. States ‘Poorly Prepared’ For Radiation Emergency. I’ve been hoping the Independent Weekly takes this opportunity to investigate safety features at Shearon Harris, which (like the plants at Fukushima) stores its spent fuel rods on site.

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March 15, 2011 at 7:09 pm