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Where I’m Calling From

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Amazing new Web site ZIPskinny (via Matt Yglesias) gives detailed demographic information about all the places you’ve ever lived.

Where I grew up
Where I grew up in the other universe
Where I went to college
Where I went to grad school (part 1)
Where I live now (grad school parts 2 through 2012)

Beyond the obvious income and poverty line disparities, the thing that leaps out most when you use the comparison function is the marriage disparity—Randolph’s 67.8% marriage rate dwarfs all the other locations. The continual proximity of colleges in my life must play a big role in this, but I doubt that’s the full explanation.

Also of note is the final demographic showdown between Randolph and Jaimee’s beloved Scotch Plains. Scotch Plains, with its biologically unstable surplus of females, proves no match for Randolph’s frightening racial purity.

Written by gerrycanavan

October 7, 2007 at 2:51 pm