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Thursday Links!

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* CFP: Edited collection on Welcome to Night Vale.

* More details on a very sad story: UCLA Student Shot Professor Over Grades Before Killing Himself, Say Police. UPDATE: The shooter was a PhD student.

* And for those who need it: some back-of-the-envelope calculations about your chances of being shot on campus.

St. Catharine College, in central Kentucky, will close its doors in July after 85 years of operation, its Board of Trustees announced on Wednesday.

Cornell breaks with other Ivies, sets path forward for grad student union.

* To obsessed water engineer Marc Edwards, the lead crisis in Flint is just the beginning of an epidemic.

* Some characteristics of successful teachers.

* Behind the scenes at Hamilton.

* Hitler as a human.

sub-buzz-23145-1464803668-3* All of man’s highest apirations are hubris in the eyes of the gods.

* Donald Trump, Maoist.

I have a number of other reasons for believing Trump’s alleged wealth is basically a fraud – not my own reporting but piecing together various details from the reporting of others and things that have happened during this campaign. But one point Cuban references is key. Trump hasn’t built a high-rise building in decades. He moved into licensing as his main business about fifteen or twenty years ago. If you’re worth $10 billion do you waste time on Trump Steaks? Trump University? Of course not. That speaks to someone who’s fairly strapped and needs every new revenue stream he can get. Still fabulously rich by mortal standards. But not running a thriving company worth $10 billion.

* Huge, if true: Race, Gender Biggest Differentiators in Views of Clinton, Trump.

At least five times in the past year, the candidate who is now the Republican nominee for president has implied that certain public officials are suspect, or are acting against the national interest, because they or their family members are Latino.

The results, the IMF researchers concede, have been terrible. Neoliberalism hasn’t delivered economic growth – it has only made a few people a lot better off. It causes epic crashes that leave behind human wreckage and cost billions to clean up, a finding with which most residents of food bank Britain would agree. And while George Osborne might justify austerity as “fixing the roof while the sun is shining”, the fund team defines it as “curbing the size of the state … another aspect of the neoliberal agenda”. And, they say, its costs “could be large – much larger than the benefit”.

Would It Be That Bad If the New Star Trek TV Series Was Set in the Reboot Universe? No true fan would even ask that.

Is Daenerys Targaryen the Real Villain of Game of Thrones?

* How old is your map?

* The Spider-Man 4 that never was.

* The end of Hellboy.

* For the completist, the cast of Hello from the Magic Tavern was on Improv Nerd recently and even did a little bit from Foon-30 (the dimension where Chunt is a wolverine).

* My new Plan B: Duo used stolen cash to buy winning $1M lottery ticket.

* And because you demanded it! Presenting the G.I. Joe, Transformers, Micronauts, ROM, Action Man, and M.A.S.K. (Mobile Armored Strike Kommand)) Shared Universe.


Monday Night Linkdump #1

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* Spider-Man 4 has apparently completely imploded; Raimi has quit and the next film will be a reboot instead.

* The New Jersey legislature has approved a medical marijuana bill. I learned this from—who else?—@jonhurwitz.

* Because I don’t just assume everything I don’t like is unconstitutional, I suspect Thomas Geoghegan is probably wrong and the filibuster is probably constitutional. But I’d be very happy to turn out to be wrong.

* Paul Krugman defends Europe.

* Feingold says Nebraska’s long-cherished right to permanent Medicaid reimbursement will probably be stripped out of the final health care bill.

* The New Yorker slums it at the Jersey shore.

* And Jonathan Chait has your daily dose of things that could have been phrased better.

Ataque de Pánico!

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My brother sends along this fun viral video from Argentina that I somehow missed last fall.

Last month the filmmaker received a $30 million contract to direct a feature film with Sam Raimi.

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January 5, 2010 at 10:18 pm

Spider-Man 4

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Will Morbius, the Living Vampire, be the Big Bad in Spider-Man 4? I remember seeing this character in the animated series when I was a kid—he certainly seemed ridiculous then, though some of that may have to do with silly network interference. (Aside: Who knew Morbius was a part of Blade’s backstory?)

If I were Sam Raimi—and I am—I’d go the whole other way with it. All humans: Spider-Man vs. the cops, Spider-Man vs. terrorists, Spider-Man vs. Kingpin, Spider-Man vs. Black Cat, Spider-Man vs. Punisher, Spider-Man vs. Kraven the Hunter. (Spider-Man vs. the Vulture! Spider-Man vs. the Terrible Tinkerer! And so on.) Part of what was deeply wrong with Spider-Man 3, I think, was that the bizarre physical properties of Sandman hadn’t been earned—it turned the franchise into (yes) a cartoon. An all-human ensemble would immediately restore suspension-of-disbelief and thereby restore credibility. Cut the next few song-and-dance numbers and you’re halfway there.

I’ll give Raimi the Lizard because he’s kind of been grandfathered in, but leave Hydro-Man and the Rhino at home this time around…

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January 10, 2009 at 11:49 pm

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