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Big Thursday Links

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13 little-known punctuation marks we should be using. At right: the rhetorical question mark.

* Reddit vs. Gawker: whoever wins, we lose. Snark aside, they ought to burn reddit down if it won’t take cast out jailbait and creeper subreddits. It’s 2012.

* How to Terraform Venus.

* DNA’s 521-year half-life ruins so many awesome science fiction plots.

* Our brains work in interesting ways: What number is halfway between 1 and 9? Is it 5 — or 3?

Could the Goonies Really Keep One-Eyed Willy’s Treasure?

Walmart Workers Are Threatening To Strike On Black Friday. On a national holy day? How dare they.

You love being creative for your work. You love your job. That’s why you’ve got a Mac. Precarious labor, post-Fordism, and Apple.

Nine minutes of gameplay from the new SimCity.

* LARoB considers Homeland. It’s been next in my Netflix queue forever, so I couldn’t read too much of this.

* And you know who else flubbed their closing statement after a piss-poor debate showing? No, not him. The other one. Gasp: New Polls Suggest Democratic Freakout May Be Premature.

Rhetorical Question of the Day

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From the Awl: Do you think future generations will look back at this era as the point in human history where the solutions to our problems became impossibly complex while, simultaneously, the consistent and powerful strain of anti-intellectualism foisted on an already suspicious society in an attempt to discredit ideas which might prove detrimental to the interests of large corporations helped encourage the belief that everyone is an expert and an amateur opinion is just as valid as a trained one, and these two developments finally intersected to create a world where “Tell us: How would you fix the oil spill?”-type polls became the norm?