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4 at 4 A.M.

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* The Stanley Aronowitz talk from this weekend’s conference will hopefully be up soon, but until then here are the two recent pieces from which it was primarily drawn: “Facing the Economic Crisis” and “Reflections on Seattle 1999.”

* A torture session in Iran took a strange turn when an elite policeman told his captive, a Newsweek reporter, that he believed New Jersey must be heaven on earth.

* Al Gore’s plan to out-crazy the crazy.

* And a must-read post from Matt Taibi on Sarah Palin and what has happened to the culture wars.

Grouches of the World, Unite

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Monday links.

* I have only the deepest feeling of solidarity for the members of my generational cohort who are struggling with student debt. And I’m not saying my hurt feelings should form the basis for national policy. But I have to confess that on a purely emotive level I will be pretty royally pissed if this whole “forgive student debt” movement somehow manages to get off the ground. I’m very conflicted about it: forgiving student debt would help a whole lot of people, including close friends and family, and would really cost me nothing but regret. I am not incognizant of my privilege or my luck, nor I am unhappy with where my choices have taken me—but on a basic, visceral level, I’d feel cheated, and I know I wouldn’t be alone.

* And speaking of other people’s poor life choices: WTFSalon?

* Grouches of the world, unite.

* Identical Twins Escape Death Penalty With “Evil Twin Defense.” I’m 95% certain this is just viral marketing for the Arrested Development movie.

* How to survive a B-movie.

* How much would it cost to build the Death Star? (last two via Gravity Lens)

* And your world in charts: this recession isn’t like the others.