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CFPB Announces New Push To Alleviate Mounting Student Loan Debt.

In a press release, CFPB Director Richard Cordray said he is instructing his agency to begin drafting possible proposals aimed at lowering monthly loan payments through refinancing and income-based payment models.

* February 14, 2013: McGill reels as budget cuts begin. February 21, 2013: McGill gets on MOOC bandwagon.

* No salary increase at UC.

Parents and students might also be alarmed by the following statement from an Associated Press article: “As of May, there were 2,129 UC retirees drawing annual pensions of more than $100,000, 57 with pensions exceeding $200,000 and three with pensions greater than $300,000, according to data obtained by The Associated Press through a state Public Records Act request. The number of UC retirees collecting six-figure pensions has increased by 30 percent over the past two years, according to Californians for Fiscal Responsibility, an advocacy group that has analyzed UC pension data.” Virtually all of these pensions will be going to administrators, coaches, and medical faculty with no direct connection to undergraduate education. In short, UC is cutting core faculty and staff benefits and freezing their salaries in order to support the high wages and pensions of the highest compensated UC employees.

Any bets on how long before the Emory trustees can James Wagner?

* The phonebook companies alleged in their complaint that the phonebook ordinance, ‘denies [their] rights guaranteed by the First and Fourteenth Amendments to the United States Constitution.'(free speech and due process). If not for the legal concept of ‘corporate personhood’, the phonebook companies wouldn’t be able to sue Seattle to assert Constitutional rights originally written only for people. An abuse of the First Amendment on just about every level. #burnallphonebooks