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80% More Likely To Be Vegetarian

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Hunch Blog has a breakdown of my particular demographic on along Mac vs. PC lines. Thanks Bill!


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Random Friday links.

* Those “I’m a PC ads”? Made on Macs.

* Slacktivist has finished his years-long read of Left Behind. (Via MeFi.) Amazingly, he plans to keep going.

* Is there a media blackout on the Hurricane Ike aftermath?

* The ‘Watchmen’ film sounds like more regurgitated worms. I, for one, am sick of worms. Alan Moore doesn’t mince words.

* David Simon’s next project is Manhunt, “about the Lincoln assassination and the 12-day search that ended in the capture of John Wilkes Booth.”

* LeBron James loses to a civilian in Horse.

* Kottke has the trailer for the next Charlie Kaufman movie, Synecdoche, New York.

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September 19, 2008 at 9:21 pm