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* The First Rule of J-School Is You Don’t Talk About J-School Debt.

* Nowhere in Manhattan. Hard to believe it is Manhattan. Via MeFi.

* Nnedi Okorafor has a nice guest post at Nebula on Africa and science fiction.

* The CEO of Whole Foods doesn’t want us to have health care. OpenLeft doesn’t want us to shop at Whole Foods anymore. Everyone at MetaFilter is mad at everyone.

* Top 10 Superhero Comics 2000-2009. I’ve read more of these than I would have expected, and can plug a bunch: All-Star Superman, Monster Society of Evil, New Frontier, Omega the Unknown, and Planetary are all worth reading in their own ways, as are some of the sillier Big Two offerings (I’ll admit to being fond of Booster Gold). Y: The Last Man is good, too, but of course it doesn’t really count. Via NeilAlien.

* Language and time. I found this interesting.

David Hauser and colleagues first showed that people with an angrier temperament are more likely to think of themselves as moving through time, than to think of time as moving towards them. You can test this on yourself by considering which day of the week a meeting has changed to, if it was originally planned for Wednesday but has been moved forward two days. If you think it’s now changed to Friday, then you’re someone who thinks of themselves as moving through time, whilst if you think the meeting is now on Monday, then you’re more passive, and you think about time passing you by. 

I’m a Monday person for sure. I see can see why Ezra thinks it would be Friday, but it seems very unnatural to me to spatialize the week that way.

* And you can now tweet @Gliese581d.

Omega the Unknown

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Before I found out Jonathan Lethem was going to write a relaunch of Omega the Unknown, I’d never heard of him. After reading the first issue, I feel like I still don’t really understand what’s going on—but I’m intrigued enough to pick up #2 and see where it goes. Omega the Unknown seems like an almost-too-perfect fit for Lethem; it’s essentially giving him the chance to rewrite Fortress of Solitude as an actual comic, which is of course both a good and a bad thing.

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