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The Hispanic Hegemony

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The case against so-to-may-OR.

Deferring to people’s own pronunciation of their names should obviously be our first inclination, but there ought to be limits.

The line must be drawn here! SOtomayor not sotomayOR! America for Americanos! Via TPM.

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May 27, 2009 at 6:20 pm

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Morning News

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The morning news.

* The bailout has cost more than “Marshall Plan, Louisiana Purchase, moonshot, S&L bailout, Korean War, New Deal, Iraq war, Vietnam war, and NASA’s lifetime budget — *combined*!” But think of all we have to show for it!

* Related: Alternet’s ten worst corporations of 2008. How did they limit themselves to just ten? Via MeFi.

* Marginal Revolution casts some cold water on wind farms, points (where else?) to nuclear energy instead. Isn’t the problem here our poor energy infrastructure? The sort of redesigned, rebuilt grid Obama talks about would make these wind farms much more efficient than just about any other source of power, including, I’m given to understand, solar.

* Because of the downturn, colleges aren’t hiring. Ugh.

* Cory Doctorow is looking to change the world.

* Confidential to Mac users: an update for Handbrake has been released.

* And Wendy Whitaker is today’s poster child for obscenely stringent sex offender laws: because she had oral sex with a 15.9-year-old boy when she was 17, she’s a sex offender for life and is currently being forced to vacate her home because it is too close to a church that runs a daycare service. A judge, unbelievably, just upheld this order. Via MeFi.

Obscene Idiocy of the Week

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Jon Stewart explains the obscene idiocy of the week: “Bittergate.” Come for the out-of-context quote, stay for Clinton’s actually patronizing country bumpkin bullshit.

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April 15, 2008 at 1:15 pm