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Because the Oscars Have Been So Reliable Up to Now

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Oscar nominations have been announced, and The Darjeeling Limited (my review, and the many times I’ve posted about it) has been completely shut out. Inconceivable!

In its absence, I have no choice but to root for The Coens’ No Country for Old Men to sweep every category for which it is eligible and Juno to take everything else—pending, of course, my appraisal of There Will Be Blood, which I’m supposed to see this Thursday, and which I’m given to understand is pretty good.

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January 22, 2008 at 7:47 pm

Best Film of 2007?

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Roger Ebert says Juno is the best film of 2007, while blucarbnpinwheel says it’s just okay at best. I haven’t seen it yet, but I’m inclined to trust Ben, especially insofar as we apparently had the exact same reaction to Napoleon Dynamite right down to the Rushmore comparison. (Although in fairness to N.D. I have grown a little more fond of it in retrospect and upon a subsequent viewing.) In Ebert’s plus column, he does note the greatness of No Country for Old Men, which I’ve been meaning to write about but am having trouble improving upon the Candleblog review: Holy crap. I was just punched in the face by the Coen brothers. Every single individual moment of this film is perfect. I am in awe. How dare they make this film?

But Ebert maliciously and incorrectly snubs by omission The Darjeeling Limited, obviously my choice for best film of Oh Seven, almost as if he’s deliberately trying to provoke me into a blind rage. Winner: blucarbnpinwheel!

I’m still hoping I like Juno, though. As I believe I’ve mentioned before, literally everything Michael Cera does makes me laugh, so the outlook is good.

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December 23, 2007 at 5:00 pm