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Last Night’s Links Have Already Been Superseded; Progress Inevitably Marches On

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‘The FishBike Scale of Big Mistakes’

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Everything surrounding this comment is pointless and should be ignored, but this one comment has changed forever the way I think about Mistakes.

Basically, you rate the size of a mistake by which field of study is affected by it.

Category 1: Journalism. Your mistake is big enough to be reported in the news somewhere.

Category 2: History. School children decades from now will be reading about your mistake in their textbooks.

Category 3: Geography. Your mistake is bad enough that maps are different afterwards. Entire towns or cities may have disappeared, or people change place names so they can forget about your mistake.

Category 4: Geology. Millenia from now, scientists will be wondering what made that giant hole in the ground or why that mountain isn’t there any more.

Category 5: Astronomy. Scientists on other planets, peering at our solar system through their telescopes, will see a bright flash and ask themselves “What the fuck was that?”

Written by gerrycanavan

December 15, 2011 at 11:10 am