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Saturday Afternoon

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* We live in a world where Stephen Colbert testifies before Congress in character.

* “Karl Marx was right. We should struggle like he said in 19th century Europe. Chinese factories now are just like factories in 19th century Europe. And just like Karl Marx said, only through struggle with the capitalists can we gain our rights,” Liu says. Via Vu.

* Žižek: The key to actual freedom resides rather in the ‘apolitical’ network of social relations, from the market to the family, where the change needed for effective improvement is not political reform, but a transformation in the social relations of production. We do not vote about who owns what, or about worker–management relations in a factory; all this is left to processes outside the sphere of the political. It is illusory to expect that one can effectively change things by ‘extending’ democracy into this sphere, say, by organizing ‘democratic’ banks under people’s control. Radical changes in this domain lie outside the sphere of legal rights. Such democratic procedures can, of course, have a positive role to play. But they remain part of the state apparatus of the bourgeoisie, whose purpose is to guarantee the undisturbed functioning of capitalist reproduction. In this precise sense, Badiou was right in his claim that the name of the ultimate enemy today is not capitalism, empire or exploitation, but democracy. It is the acceptance of ‘democratic mechanisms’ as the ultimate frame that prevents a radical transformation of capitalist relations… Some analysis of Žižek’s analysis from Andrew Seal at the link.

Great moments in political honesty: John Raese, the Republican Senate hopeful in West Virginia, was asked this week about his background. “I made my money the old-fashioned way, I inherited it,” Raese boasted. “I think that’s a great thing to do.” He went on to say “a key part” of his platform is lowering inheritance taxes on multi-millionaires.

* How greedy subprime borrowers destroyed the economy by forcing virtuous lending conglomerates to commit fraud.

* And your AskMetaFilter of the day: What are your favorite articles on The Wire? I cleared out my Wire tag but there’s more at the link that I’d missed.