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Middlesex Philosophy Saved!

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Kind of. Kingston University in south-west London announced today that it will re-establish our Centre for Research in Modern European Philosophy (CRMEP) at Kingston, by employing the four senior staff in Philosophy at Middlesex (Eric Alliez, Peter Hallward, Peter Osborne and Stella Sandford). Our MA and PhD programmes (full-time and part-time) will be re-launched at Kingston this September, and all current post-graduate students will be invited to move along with the staff. Institutions in France and Germany have also made significant new proposals for collaboration with the CRMEP, which may allow it to expand the European dimensions of its work considerably in the near future.

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June 8, 2010 at 12:18 pm


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John Protevl: The past three weeks have seen an international outcry at the decision by the administration of Middlesex University in London to close its small but very highly regarded philosophy program. Why were so many American academics, many of them besieged by budget crises at their own universities, so upset at this decision made so far away? Why did Middlesex matter to those thousands who so quickly became involved, and why should it matter to all American academics, even those who are only just now hearing of it?

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May 17, 2010 at 11:19 am

Monday Morning Miscellany

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* In case you missed it last night, a joint statement from students in the Program in Literature and the Polygraph Editorial Collective on the closing of the Philosophy program at Middlesex University is up at Polygraph‘s website, as well as down the page.

* Media Matters fact-checks the Kagan nomination. My favorite is the one about her college thesis, which will fuel a thousand wails of SOCIALISM! from the right. Meanwhile, “elena kagan husband” and “elena kagan personal life” are #2 and #6 on Google’s trending searches right now; someone in the White House is undoubtedly freaking out.

* His thesis is both simple and surprisingly complex: over the course of thirty years, Washington politicians have pressured federal economists to tweak the methods by which they assess key metrics of the economy, to inflate the numbers and protect the incumbents from voters who would surely rise up in anger, if only they knew the truth. Oh, surely.

* This Google Maps app compares the size of the Deepwater Horizon spill to your local metropolitan area.

* so far, the state has lost between $6 million and $10 million in projected business revenue, with 23 group hotel bookings–from small meetings to large conventions–having been canceled in protest since the stroke of Brewer’s pen, according to the Arizona Hotel & Lodging Association.

* Fantasy Soccer ’09-’10 has ended and I have once again been denied my rightful crown: I came in first place in MetaFilter’s league and in our head-to-head league but silver-medaled in the elite Blue Devils United division. The good news is we’ll be doing a Fantasy World Cup next month; details sometime in the next few weeks.

* This Wired piece seems to be ground zero for the Facebook backlash. Judging from my newsfeed the Facebook backlash backlash is already beginning in earnest; I’m planning on spearheading the backlash backlash backlash.

* Science proves “babies know the difference between good and evil at six months.” So now we can try babies as adults.

* Trailer for my cousin’s upcoming documentary about Afghanistan, Where My Heart Beats.

* And the single most difficult surgery ever performed.

GPL/Polygraph Statement on the Closing of Middlesex Philosophy

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May 10, 2010

To whom it may concern:

We are writing to add our voices to the chorus protesting the closing of the Philosophy program at Middlesex University. At a time when universities worldwide face deep pressures from all corners to realign their missions towards profit-centered, market-driven agendas, it seems utterly unconscionable to voluntarily close one of the world’s best-regarded centers for thought on the grounds that more revenue might be generated in some other way.

When a department devoted to thought cannot survive, what then has the university become? And if, as has been widely reported, Philosophy is being closed because Middlesex administrators have determined it makes “no ‘measurable’ contribution” to the university, so much the worse for measurable contributions.

We believe this decision to be a grave error and we are hopeful that the administration will soon see the wisdom in its reversal.


Students of the Graduate Program in Literature and the Polygraph Editorial Collective
Duke University

Leah Claire Allen
Sara Appel
Luka Arsenjuk
Fiona Barnett
Corinne Blalock
Zach Blas
KB Burnside
Gerry Canavan
Katherine Costello
Amalle Dublon
Abraham Geil
Alexander Greenberg
Elise Harris
Justin Izzo
Jessica Jones
Melody Jue
Lisa Klarr
Abigail Langston
Clarissa Lee
Beatriz Llenin-Figueroa
China R. Medel
Kevin M. Modestino
Allen Beye Riddell
Lucas Perkins
Ryan Vu

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May 9, 2010 at 9:10 pm

Finite Thought

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Infinite Thought has had very good coverage of Middlesex University’s decision to cut its highly ranked philosophy department for what is essentially no good reason. Just keep scrolling down.

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May 2, 2010 at 7:58 am