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* The headline reads, “Boy Hit By Meteorite.”

* Some comics about mental illness.

* Banksy has an official show in Bristol.

* And you know Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles is really gone when its creator explains how the cliffhanger would have been resolved.

[I]n the actual footage of the show, we see that Derek doesn’t recognize [John.] So, by jumping into this future, he has erased his existence in a certain way, and we see that. We see that nobody recognizes him… If we had gotten a third season, I should say, we definitely would have explored what it all meant, but I think there’s a great moment where we see Allison [Summer Glau], and John’s look to her is very meaningful. I think that also would have been a great thing in terms of dramatic potential. Like I said, the show has ended, and it would all be speculation, and I really don’t want to raise anybody’s expectations.

Via io9.

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