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Tuesday Morning Links

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* Second Fire In Five Weeks Burns Missouri Mosque.

* Mitt Romney confirms he would end US wind power subsidies. I swear, sometimes it feels as if I’m being personally trolled by the GOP.

* A republic, if you can keep it: The Most Important Voting Rights Law In American History Turned 47 yesterday.

* The federal prison population has gone up 800% in 30 years. 800%. Staggering.

Hillary Clinton Literally Chased Out of Malawi By Bees.

* A Malay, who we know as Enrique of Malacca but whose real name is unrecorded, would have his life defined by these European schemes. He is, it turns out, the closest thing there is to a hero in the story of Ferdinand Magellan’s horribly botched attempt to circumnavigate the world.

* And an Indiana Jones Easter egg that I think is new to me: R2-D2 and C-3PO in the Well of Souls.

The First Person to Travel Around the World

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The first man to circumnavigate the globe was not actually Magellan, who died before completing his journey, though for some reason history credits him as if he finished. The true honor probably goes to Enrique of Malacca, a slave Magellan captured in the Malay Archipelago, who was brought to Spain by Magellan and then returned to the Philippines by sailing west. More on Enrique’s unknown accomplishment here.

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