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Another Snowy Friday Night

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* Via Kottke, here’s how we may soon use nanotechnology to fight cancer.

* Quickie Olympicsblogging: Vancouver is airlifting in snow for the Winter Olympics, and by all accounts the luge course is hugely unsafe, even by luge course standards.

* Why democracy doesn’t work: 70% of Americans think gays and lesbians should be allowed to serve openly in the military, but only 59% of Americans think homosexuals should be allowed to.

* Someone accidentally asked a Republican a real question on the teevee. Don’t worry—MSNBC regrets the error and will make certain it doesn’t happen again.

* Wanting to negotiate in good faith, having never learned a lesson ever, the Democrats like Baucus and Conrad would slow down the debate to give the Republicans time to participate. Juan Cole explains how Washington works.

* Throw the bums out: 8% of people think sitting members of Congress deserve re-election.

* And still more on how Democrats may fight the filibuster. We still must ask: Is America ungovernable?