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A Few Links People Following My Twitter Feed Have Mostly Already Seen

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* Aaron Sorkin directs the White House national security team as they watch the mission unfold. Hat tip to Angus Johnson for reminding me just how Sorkiny the last week has been.

* Also, how LOLcatty.

* zunguzungu: Bin Laden’s Code Name Was ‘Geronimo.’

* Traxus: The death of Osama bin Laden is the one kill the official ‘narrative,’ or blood-soaked montage rather, can justify as unquestionably righteous, and is at the same time its proper conclusion. And thus America celebrates the end of a narrative that no one could ever really accept, a joke from the moment Dubya made the “dead or alive” crack, simply because it’s the only one we can address with the full force of the rich world’s media infrastructure — it’s the only celebration we will ever be allowed to have for this neverending war.

* Here come the deathers. I couldn’t resist arguing with a deather-curious commenter somewhere in the middle of this endless MeFi thread.

* And in lighter news: Philanthropist offers $300 million to any city that hires someone beside Gehry to design its art museum. Awesome.


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Why not him? Al Franken has officially won the recount in Minnesota. (Image shamelessly stolen from Donkeylicious.)

UPDATE: Coleman’s lawyer is threatening to take this to the courts, but I know he won’t do that—Norm Coleman is a man of honor who would never put his personal aggrandizement ahead of the “healing process.”

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