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Just A Few More

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* John Hope Franklin’s FBI file. Via Triangulator.

* Scott Lemieux says it’s time to punish Lieberman. Vigorously seconded.

* Lieberman’s bad behavior is still rubbing off on his friends.

* TNR considers how to save Detroit. Via Matt Yglesias.

* Spin‘s best 40 albums of 2009 (with full streaming). iTunes has ruined me for albums; I hardly listen to the ones I have all the way though, much less purchase new ones. Via Lisa.

* “Product”: a web comic. You may have to click the image to maximize it after it loads.

* New research suggest high-fructose corn syrup could damage your digestive system. Via MetaFilter.

Wednesday Links

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Wednesday links.

* Scandal at UConn! The Plank says the story is peanuts; this sort of corruption is endemic to the NCAA.

* Cover Stories From the Most-Requested Back Issues of The American Prognosticator (1853–1987).

* Duke University professor and civil rights icon John Hope Franklin has died.

* Upright Citizens Brigade parodies Wes Anderson. Bastards!

* A 93-year-old Japanese man has become the first person certified as a survivor of both U.S. atomic bombings at the end of the Second World War.

* The first unambiguous case of electronic voting machine fraud in the U.S.?

* Solitary confinement as torture.

* Roman engineers chipped an aqueduct through more than 100 kilometers of stone to connect water to cities in the ancient province of Syria. The monumental effort took more than a century, says the German researcher who discovered it. How could the Romans think in terms of centuries but we can’t think past a single business cycle?

* Lots of people are linking to this letter from an AIG bonus recipient. The merits of the contracts aside—I’ve said before they should be enforced unless fraudulent or predicated on fraud—but I don’t think he helps his case much when he puts a number on it. His one-time after-tax “bonus” is more than I would have made in thirty years of adjuncting.

* David Brin wants to “uplift” animals, i.e., make them sentient. This is exactly why people don’t take science fiction seriously; it’s totally crazy, pointless, and cruel and it wouldn’t even work…