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Who mourns for Bobby the Jew?

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The hierarchy of the Gambino organized crime family — from underboss to capo — was arrested Thursday along with scores of street soldiers and associates in what authorities called the biggest mafia takedown in a generation. More at the Smoking Gun, including a truly wonderful list of nicknames:

…the charged hoodlums include “The Greaseball,” “Bobby the Jew,” “Tommy Sneakers,” and “Mike the Electrician.” Some arrestees, like Gambino captain Leonard DiMaria, even have multiple nicknames. DiMaria, the indictment notes, is known alternately as “L,” “Lenny,” “The Conductor,” “Nike,” “Uncle,” and “Fatso.”

At right, John Gotti, beating Tom Delay at his own game.

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February 8, 2008 at 2:24 am

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