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Goodbye Dublin Airport Links

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* Not in My Country: A Tale of Unwanted Immigrants. From Joe Sacco. (Update: link fixed now.)

* Don’t be alarmed, but the latest race-baiting Fox News controversy is nonsense. Not that it matters.

* Ta-Nehisi Coates: The NAACP is right.

* If the GOP takes back the House, can we look forward to the shutdown of 2011?

* Has science fiction lost its world-transformative mojo? More from MetaFilter.

* And old but good: Women and The Wire.

In one of the first season’s early episodes, McNulty tells Kima that all the good women police officers he’s ever met were gay. It is only in retrospect that this assertion seems like more than just characterization. Through poor old fuck-up McNulty, the writers were able to voice this wee-bit contentious idea without fear of reprisal. Maybe what McNulty claimed about female police is true—like I said before, positive images are not good politics. But The Wire gained my trust for exploring the reality behind everyday inequalities. Using flawed characters as a mouthpiece for unhip opinions is a betrayal of the show’s own tireless morality. Instead of confronting the gender politics of the Baltimore police, The Wire gives us Beadie Russell. A capable but dull port cop, Beadie plays a small part in the second season’s action before fading to black in the third season. In the fourth season she’s back and blonde and suddenly significant for her role in “saving” McNulty from “himself”. Cue the strings—if The Wire needs to read up on women’s issues for one reason alone it should be that the most anti-feminist parts of the show are usually the most cringeworthy. There’s more than a hint of the jealous-best-friend syndrome in the fact that McNulty being saved also involves him leaving high-end police work—what he does best!—for home life and an easy day-to-day as a beat cop, not to mention markedly fewer scenes. Don’t ditch us for a broad, McNulty! Look what they did to Randy!

(via zunguzungu, who also deftly takes down some bizarre anti-Shirley-Jackson snobbery).