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This Is Just Exactly Like Me

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It’s not just that Canavan would be familiar enough for her, or that only he would be. Canavan also and on top of everything tends to be a generally decent guy, funny, a quick ally at the dinner table. He defends Beth’s wall-to-wall safety placards, explains Jack’s endless projects. He’ll have that sliding glass door back up in a week, right? Or: What’s so bad about having phone numbers close by when you need them? You’re just organized, is all. He’s helpful, courteous, cheerful, five or six other points of the Boy Scout Law. And now he’s a prick, too, to go with that.

I certainly hope nothing bad happens to “Terry Canavan” in the new novel from a guy I kinda-sorta used to know in Greensboro, Drew Perry.

Drew’s great and I bet the book is great: you should buy it.

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March 14, 2010 at 6:05 pm

Obama X

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One of Ezra Klein’s readers has too much fun with the craziest yet of the wingnut Obama Birth Certificate conspiracy theories: that Obama is really and secretly the son of (get this) Malcolm X.

Want proof? Here’s your evidence.

Case closed.

I’m pretty sure the ‘nuts got the idea for this from this post on Blind Item claiming that Usher is secretly the illegitimate son of Ben Vereen.

I read Gawker too, wingnuts.

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October 30, 2008 at 3:04 pm