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Thursday Night Links

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* How to defend Obama’s record, from the man himself: “I think the key is not to get too bogged down in detail.” Geez, you said it.

* Americans hate everyone in Washington, but they hate Republicans a lot more. See, I am in the mainstream.

* But next time will be different! This time for real. We promise.

* The Daily Show has heroically managed to find humor even in the monstrosity that is the Super Congress. More important superhero coverage from Colbert, as well as cutting-edge coverage of NorthDakotagate.

* The heroism that dare not speak its name: The Married Lesbian Couple Who Saved 40 Teens From The Norway Shooter.

* Tracing the connection between climate change and earthquakes.

* Wikipedia is dying.

* So is the stock market.

* So is the income of the average American.

According to newly released tax data, “U.S. incomes plummeted again in 2009, with total income down 15.2 percent in real terms since 2007.” 2009′s average income of $54,283, which is the latest available data, “was at its lowest level since 1997 when it was $54,265 in 2009 dollars, just $18 less than in 2009.”

* So is everything in Texas.

* At least Congress finally cracked a solution to funding the FAA.

* Self-parody watch: Fox goes after Spongebob.

* Welcome to Nigeria, “the World Capital of Oil Pollution.”

* Watchdogs Demand Investigation Into ‘Brazen’ $1 Million Pro-Romney Donation. Unfortunately I’ve just gotten an email from 2016 that explains how the Supreme Court will find this all perfectly legal.

* Chris Christie, liberal hero?

* And there’s always five of everything: multiple universes discovered? Plus flowing water on Mars. It’s a good day to be a nerd.

Monday Morning Links

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* National Geographic: “Zombie” Ants Found With New Mind-Control Fungi. (Thanks Erica!)

* Income inequality in the U.S., Egypt, China, and elsewhere. Via Christina by way of Tim.

* The Bureau of Labor Statistics highlights women at work. The number you’re looking for is 81.2 cents on the dollar.

* Demystifying everything: Blue eyes not actually blue.

* And McSweeney’s has an important report from H.P. Lovecraft’s First Day as a Substitute Teacher at Arkham Junior High School.

Where I’m Calling From

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Amazing new Web site ZIPskinny (via Matt Yglesias) gives detailed demographic information about all the places you’ve ever lived.

Where I grew up
Where I grew up in the other universe
Where I went to college
Where I went to grad school (part 1)
Where I live now (grad school parts 2 through 2012)

Beyond the obvious income and poverty line disparities, the thing that leaps out most when you use the comparison function is the marriage disparity—Randolph’s 67.8% marriage rate dwarfs all the other locations. The continual proximity of colleges in my life must play a big role in this, but I doubt that’s the full explanation.

Also of note is the final demographic showdown between Randolph and Jaimee’s beloved Scotch Plains. Scotch Plains, with its biologically unstable surplus of females, proves no match for Randolph’s frightening racial purity.

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October 7, 2007 at 2:51 pm