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How Will We Break It to the Jesuits?

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IHE on Rick Santorum: …The Tampa Bay Tribune’s PolitiFact news service is reporting that Santorum — since 2008 — has linked higher education to the work of Satan. In a 2008 talk at Ave Maria University, Santorum discussed the way Satan has attacked “great institutions of America.”

Where did Satan start? According to Santorum, “The place where he was, in my mind, the most successful and first — first successful was in academia. He understood pride of smart people. He attacked them at their weakest. They were in fact smarter than everybody else and could come up with something new and different — pursue new truths, deny the existence of truth, play with it because they’re smart. And so academia a long time ago fell.”

I Am Not Telling a Joke. You Are Terrible.

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Have I told you about how nerds destroy the world? From Pictures for Sad Children, via

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November 18, 2008 at 6:00 pm