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Progressives Need to Politicize Money

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From a series of legal codes favoring creditors, a two-tier justice system that ignore abuses in foreclosures and property law, a system of surveillance dedicated to maximum observation on spending, behavior and ultimate collection of those with debt and beyond, there’s been a wide refocusing of the mechanisms of our society towards the crucial obsession of oligarchs: wealth and income defense. Control over money itself is the last component of oligarchical income defense, and it needs to be as contested as much as we contest all the other mechanisms.

Read Rortybomb. Via Krugman, who notes “the upshot is terrible: more and more, this really does look like the Lesser Depression, a prolonged era of disastrous economic performance. And it’s entirely gratuitous.”

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I forgot to blog this when MetaFilter discussed it a few days ago, but a Boing Boing reminder via Christina C. gives me another chance: an interesting thinker from the Santa Fe Institute, Samuel Bowles, has research demonstrating, among other things, that 1 in 4 Americans is employed to guard the wealth of the rich and that American capitalism would probably be better off with universal welfare to the tune of a one-time gift of $250,000 at age 18. Check out the whole piece.

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February 6, 2010 at 1:16 pm