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‘The Opportunity Costs Are at Least a Million Dollars’

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Larry Cebula has the latest in the never-ending series of articles and blog posts telling people not to go to graduate school in the humanities: Open Letter to My Students: No, You Cannot Be a Professor. Erik Loomis replies that no, you can, just not if you go to Duke. Now he tells me!*

* N.B.: I was actually given this advice almost word-for-word by my advisor at UNCG when I was choosing between Duke and Chapel Hill. Obviously I just don’t listen.**

** I regret nothing! Duke has been truly great for me. I’d stay forever if they’d let me.***

*** And now back to job apps.

Let’s Just Say My Plans Are Consistent with the Educational Goals of the University

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Written by gerrycanavan

January 12, 2011 at 11:22 am