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Thursday Morning Links!

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voxdotcom_2015-Mar-11* Report: Only 20 Minutes Until Introverted Man Gets To Leave Party.

* Silicon Valley’s “Thunder Lizards” Want to “Hack” America’s Broken Universities. But are they vultures instead?

* Momentum is building to establish a new geological epoch that recognizes humanity’s impact on the planet. But there is fierce debate behind the scenes.

* Wheeeee! Some top Democrats are alarmed about Clinton’s readiness for a campaign.

* A police shooting in Madison, WI, highlighted the city’s alarming racial disparities.

* Twitter Just Banned Revenge Porn and Doxxing. Good, but, uh — they weren’t already banned?

* The situation at UC Irvine just seems totally surreal to me. ROTC standing guard over the flag? Really?


* From the archives: U.S. Flag Recalled After Causing 143 Million Deaths.

* Moral panic watch: The bill does, however, make the school liable to any cisgender (nontrans) student who “encounters a person not of the student’s biological sex” in a bathroom, locker room, or shower. Every student who successfully proves the school violated this would-be law “shall be awarded … exemplary damages in the amount of $2,000.” That sum does not include the “actual damages,” which the bill notes includes “damages for mental anguish even if an injury other than mental anguish is not shown.”

* When Tim Morton met Björk.

* Gasp! Welfare drug tests fail to save expected cash.

* The “Blurred Lines” Verdict Is Bad News, Even If You Hate Robin Thicke.

* Video games and breast physics. Potentially NSFW link at Kotaku.

* The headline reads, “Mount Everest’s Poop Situation Is About To Go From Bad To Worse.”

* Vince Gilligan says to quit throwing pizzas on the roof of the Breaking Bad house. You’ve changed, man.

* Unemployment up in all Wisconsin counties, major cities. Chachi shrugged.

* Meanwhile, this exists: Charles in Charge: The Novelization.

* NCAA nearly topped $1 billion in revenue in 2014. Nice work if you can get someone to do it for you without wages.

* Seeking a friend for the end of the world.

* What every state is best at. Take that Vermont, though “longest cat lifespans” remains tantalizingly out of reach…

* And in a world without heroes, there was… Mystery Man Suspected Of Pooping On At Least 19 Cars In Ohio.


Links for the Weekend

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* Obama makes an unexpected post-election bid for the Canavan bump: NASA May Unveil New Manned Moon Missions Soon.

* Charlie Stross visits 2512.

* China Miéville offers a brief history of the recent filmic ideology of the necessity of walls against zombie hordes.

* ORCA shrugged. More here, here, here, here. This is still, essentially, poll denialism, but it’s fascinating that the Romney campaign put so much stock in a system whose basic assumptions they’d never bothered to test.

* MetaFilter tries to hash out America’s new marijuana laws. Mexico says legalization “changes the rules of the game.”

This image posits that the juridical distinction between slave and free is isomorphic with today’s cartographies of parliamentary politics; it implies that today’s Northern liberals have inherited, and protect, the precious freedom(s) denied to so many in the antebellum world. It implies that the rupture of the Civil War was not much of a rupture—continuity is the name of the game here. It thus elides the discontinuous rupture of black political subjectivity: the image would have us believe that today’s political cartography retains the form adjudicated 162 years ago by the desires and compromises of (mostly) white men, all of whom in some fashion profited from the political and juridical de-subjectification of blacks throughout the Americas.

* Reddit gets ready for Puerto Rico by designing some 51-state flags.

* Is everyone on the autism spectrum?

* 68 Percent Of American Voters See Global Warming As A ‘Serious Problem.’ There’s a culture war and Democrats are winning. What The 2012 Election Would Have Looked Like Without Universal Suffrage. Colorado Establishment: Republicans must improve or die. I liked, and forgot to link, what Freddie said the other day:

It occurs to me: part of the problem with our political media and analysis is that they always define Republican victory in terms of political direction and Democratic victory in terms of extremity. That is, a Republican victory is seen as a repudiation of liberalism, while a Democratic victory is seen as a repudiation of extremism. One suggests a push towards the right is the mandate of an election; the other suggests a push towards the center is the mandate of an election. Just another way in which the media pursues a “heads conservatives win, tails liberals lose” narrative.

* But don’t get too excited: in times of Democratic strength their leaders just turn on them and enact the austerity measures the Republicans are too weak to enforce themselves. We saw it with Obama, and California’s about to see it with Jerry Brown.

* Senators lining up behind filibuster reform.

* Ohio seeks to just rig the vote in the face of the Republican demographic implosion. Let’s Kill the Electoral College So We Never Have to Pay Attention to Ohio and Florida Again.

* And the Supreme Court will review the constitutionality of the Voting Rights Act. Prediction: pain… UPDATE: Supreme Court Appears Ready to Nuke the Voting Rights Act.

So We Need to Go Back to the Moon and Put Up Some Higher-Quality American Flags

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Written by gerrycanavan

August 1, 2012 at 12:11 pm

Tuesday Links

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Day after Labor Day links.

* The U.S. drops to second-place in international competitiveness, behind the hated Swiss.

* Food flags.

* Washington Monthly foretells the death of the university in favor of trade schools like ITT. MeFi debates.

* Also at MeFi: Google Maps Monopoly and a time-travel linkdump.

* Gawker reports Facebook makes you smart and Twitter makes you stupid. Be advised.

* And a commenter on my Flickr account asks the real question: what’s a young George W. Bush doing in my current blog icon?

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September 8, 2009 at 1:35 pm

Super Saturday

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Waiting on Super Saturday results, a few political links:

* The Cleveland Plain-Dealer endorses Obama. It’s the largest newspaper in Ohio, which is good—but pragmatically speaking it’s never really been Cleveland Obama has to worry about, it’s the rest of the state…

* Pearl Jam has also endorsed Obama with the world’s worst song, “Rock Around Barack.” I wish they hadn’t. Thanks Kendra for infecting my brain with this.

* At Daily Kos, DHinMI suddenly remembers the existence of Puerto Rico, whose 63 delegates at the final caucus on June 7 which could well determine the Democratic nominee. If you’ve ever wondered what a flag with 51 stars would look like, by the way, here’s the planned design.

* I’ve seen links to Robin Morgan’s “Goodbye to All That #2” more than a few times this week, and been emailed it once or twice as well. I think there’s a lot to be said for many of the points it raises, especially regarding the unrepentantly misogynistic language that has been flung at Clinton since the ’90s and into ’08. (On other points, such as the experience and the celebrity-worship stuff, the piece is much less clear-eyed or fair.) Still, I’m not sure this election has come close to settling The Great Question of whether America is more sexist than it is racist—while it does seem as though America is more willing to be openly sexist than openly racist, there’s still a whole range of other behaviors that go on behind-closed-doors and under-the-radar that cut the other way.

The fact is that Clinton has spent roughly half the time arguing that she’s an independent woman and the other half of the time arguing that Hillary 44 would be a complete restoration of Bill 42—that her campaign is so reliant upon her spousal relationship with a former president necessarily flows against claims of Hillary’s independence from Bill. She’s muddied these particular waters herself.

Further, I don’t think that this primary needed to be about identity politics in the first place, and to the extent that it has come to be about identity politics I think it is largely the Clinton camp’s fault, which has played both the gender card (to its benefit) and the race card (which hugely backfired) when it thought either would work for them.

This primary has been ugly in just about every way a primary can be ugly, but it’s myopic to wring your hands over just the ugliness that hurts your preferred candidate. In the heat of the campaign, any pundit can be guilty of that tendency—I know I haven’t struck a completely fair balance either—but we should try and correct for it when we can.

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February 10, 2008 at 12:56 am

The Union Jack: Now with 100% More Dragon

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The Welsh want to put a dragon on the Union Jack. God bless those crazy kids. Via MeFi.

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November 28, 2007 at 10:19 pm

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