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This Is What Catastrophe Looks Like

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The Exxon Valdez spill involved a large, single, intense pulse of oil into Prince William Sound – “a shallow, near-shore environment with a rocky coast,” she explains. The heavy crude had lots to cling to as it came ashore. In the Gulf, “spill” is a so-far continuous infusion of a lighter grade oil, which at least initially forms a foamy mousse rather than tarry blobs. And so far, the oil has remained far at sea.

The apparent gap between preparations for the oil’s arrival along the Gulf Coast and its behavior so far testify to the complex marine environment the oil enters as it spews from the broken well head, researchers say.

The system is chaotic enough that given enough time, say 90 days, oil in some form could wind up anywhere from the Mexican Coast to Palm Beach, research suggests.

Via Facebook, truthout explains why Fox News’s brain-dead “Where is the oil?” spin is so very wrong.

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May 17, 2010 at 11:33 am


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* Blasphemy! Mattel is changing the rules of Scrabble to allow proper nouns.

Towards a theory of erotic capital.

* Allen sends along three articles from the Chronicle of Higher Education on the disastrous job market in the humanities:

* Frank Donoghue: An Open Letter From a Director of Graduate Admissions.
* Peter Conn: We Need to Acknowledge the Realities of Employment in the Humanities.
* Lee S. Shulman: Doctoral Education Shouldn’t Be a Marathon.

Now I’m depressed.

* Ambinder has more SCOTUS speculation, explaining Obama’s likely strategy and why Elena Kagan is widely believed to be the frontrunner for the nomination.

* ExxonMobil paid no federal income tax in 2009 on $45.2 billion in profit. Two-thirds of U.S. corporations paid the same amount between 1998 and 2005.

* The West Virginia mining disaster that has killed at least 25 people appears to have been caused in part by corporate neglect of safe conditions.

* Frum: Don’t listen to Fox. Coburn: Don’t listen to Fox. Good advice.

Infinite Politics Thursday

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Infinite linkdump Thursday, just politics.

* The Mark Sanford story grows stranger by the day, with 19 South Carolina politicians now on the record calling for his resignation. (TPM reports that Senators DeMint and Graham have gone to Sanford to prevail on him to resign.) Today he backed off a pledge to release his travel records, which suggests more trouble may be brewing for him.

* Who could have imagined that Exxon-Mobil would lie about its continued support for climate-change “skepticism” advocacy groups?

* Highlights from the first day of the Al Franken Century.

* Democrats can now “hijack elections at their whim”: just another responsible, measured, and most of all empirically provable claim from RNC chairman Michael Steele, truly our country’s finest elder statesman.

* But it’s not all craziness: Michele Bachmann is facing criticism from the GOP for her weird lies about the Census.

* What caused the financial crisis? Matt Taibbi in Rolling Stone (via MeFi) points to bubble economies nutured and created by giant investment firms, pointing the finger especially at Goldman Sachs. An Oklahoma lawmaker says it was “abortion, pornography, same sex marriage, sex trafficking, divorce, illegitimate births, child abuse, and many other forms of debauchery.” I report, you decide.

* Malthusianism and world history: a chart from Conor Clarke.

It’s clear these growth trends can continue forever.

* Ezra Klein has a new Washington Post column on the politics of food.

Peak Travel

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Exxon is betting Americans will never again purchase as much gasoline as they did in 2007.

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