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* The GOP is very eager to raise money off the attempted Detroit terror plot, despite GOP opposition to TSA funding and GOP holds on TSA appointments. Spencer Ackerman explains why this was a policy failure more than an intelligence failure. Glenn Greenwald considers the media failure. Bruce Schneier still hates security theater. A majority of Americans favor waterboarding Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab. And Chris Matthews thinks we need to finally get serious about terrorism and think about what happens if a terrorist ever learns kung fu.

* Rachel Maddow is your president now.

* Senate 2010 previews from FiveThirtyEight and CQ.

* A medical marijuana dispenser in California will be using an entrapment by estoppel defense against federal prosecution, claiming DOJ statements about new Obama administration policy led him to believe his actions were legal. Via MeFi.

* ‘How American Health Care Killed My Father.’ Via Eric Barker.

* Nietzsche and Marx fare surprisingly poorly in this nonscientific poll of the 20 Most Important Philosophers of All Time, discrediting the whole endeavor.

* ‘Outrun Global Warming By Moving 5 Miles North in the 2010s.’

* SF predicts 2010.

* And io9 has your cities of the future.