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Tuesday Quick Links

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* Update: Everybody hates NBC.

* No idea what to say about the Guantánamo Bay Facebook reunion. But there’s the link.

* Science proves gay marriage prevents divorce. Why do anti-marriage-equality fundamentalists want to undermine heterosexual marriage?

* Obama v. Obama on pollution?

* More Think Health Care Reform Isn’t Ambitious Enough.

* And Glenn Greenwald has another must-read post on the fundamental unreliability of American media.

Monday Night Linkdump #2

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* Our friend, UNCG’s Own™ Jillian Weise, had a piece in the New York Times Magazine this week on going cyborg.

* Duke’s Own™ Alexis Pauline Gumbs is profiled at Race-Talk.

* Academia links: Ph.D. Supply and Demand. Ian Bogost on the future of the humanities. Losing the liberal arts.

* ‘Obama To Wait For Next Bruce Springsteen Album For Word On Economy.’

“If Mr. Springsteen puts out an E-Street Band project with one rave-up and several tracks containing an overarching theme of redemption, the president will certainly take that as a strong indicator of economic recovery,” said press secretary Robert Gibbs, adding that an album cover featuring an American flag would be “extremely promising.” “However, if he records a stark, haunting, Nebraska-esque exploration of blue-collar life, then it is time to lower interest rates and take immediate steps toward drastically reevaluating our current strategy.” The president has reportedly eschewed the supplementary Mellencamp Little Pink Housing Index used during the Reagan administration, as economists now widely believe it conveys a derivative, shallow view of the American fiscal landscape.

* Have I mentioned lately that Rachel Maddow is your president now?

* ‘”Tea party” polls better than GOP.

* The Conan O’Brien Contract Game. Grab your contract, but avoid the Jay Lenos!

* Daniel De Groot at Open Left, calling for fortitude in the fight against the filibuster, remembers how the elected Senate was won.

* ‘The Americanization of Mental Illness.’

* And some China superpower revisionism from The Diplomat.

Saturday 2

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* A rather cromulently argued article at The Star says The Simpsons was the Beatles of the 1990s, which I think I actually buy.

O’Brien added later that he wanted to address rumors swirling about his show and Leno’s, including one that “NBC is going to throw me and Jay in a pit with sharpened sticks. The one who crawls out gets to leave NBC.” UPDATE: Video here.

* Which films are most popular in your neighborhood? Netflix by Zip code. Via Kevin Drum.

* Somebody in my Facebook feed sent me looking for Wikipedia’s list of animal names.There’s some real poetry here: a congregation of alligators, a shrewdness of apes, a colony of badgers, a sleuth of bears…

Jay Leno Is Your President Now

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Alas, poor Conan. More news and speculation at this MeFi thread.

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January 8, 2010 at 12:54 pm

Return of Shatner

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Shatner returns to the Tonight Show with another Palin-inspired dramatic performance.

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July 30, 2009 at 7:25 pm

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More Palin

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More Palin: William Shatner performs her farewell speech on The Late Show with Conan O’Brien. UPDATE: New link.

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July 28, 2009 at 2:53 pm

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Friday Night!

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Friday night in Albuquerque.

* Today in tasers: 72-year-old grandmother Tasered for refusing to sign a speeding ticket. New York judge allows Tasering to force compliance with DNA test. The system is working as intended; obviously these are both cases where lethal force would have been necessary in the absence of a Taser. (Via MeFi.)

* The Memory Card covers iconic moments from classic video games. Also via MeFi.

* Remembering Tiananmen.

* ‘Graveyard Civiizations’: The idea here is that we can explain the Fermi paradox (’Where are they?’) by assuming that exponential growth is not a sustainable development pattern for intelligent civilizations.

* Blue Eyes: The Hardest Logic Puzzle in the World.

* Empire Magazine has your spot-the-reference movie poster. Via Denise.

* Conan v. Super Mario. (Last two via Neil.)

* 40 Fantastic Sand Sculptures. Via my dad.

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June 6, 2009 at 1:21 am

Late Night Shouldn’t-Have-Taken-That-Nap Links

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Late night shouldn’t-have-taken-that-nap links.

* Stephen Colbert to guest-edit Newsweek. That’s just weird.

* Yesterday marked the first night in my life where I had any real desire to see The Tonight Show; the Daily Beast has a few highlights. For my part I thought Conan did pretty good, despite some jackass fans who demonstrated that adoration and heckling meet again someplace on the other side. Someday I may even watch the Tonight Show again.

* But you don’t have to take my word for it: Conan’s got the coveted Obama endorsement now, too.

* Anthony Stewart Head is still teasing a Ripper spinoff.

* ‘No Lifeguard on Duty’: empty and abandoned motel pools.

* 75% of Americans now convinced terrorists have superpowers. Advantage: idiocracy.

* Production design for Pixar’s Up.

* And ethanol still sucks.

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June 3, 2009 at 6:12 am


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The Internet keeps distracting me.

* This is brazenly dishonest, even by Fox standards.

* When Reagan tried to convert Gorbachev to Christianity. You mean that’s not the job he was elected to do?

* Great news, or greatest news? New Line pursuing a MacGyver movie. The opening to the MacGyver This American Life (free to stream) goes a long way towards explaining his continued appeal seventeen years after the show went off the air.

* David Chase’s Sopranos follow-up has been announced: it’s an epic history of the movie industry beginning in 1913.

* And get your “disrepecting the office” talking points ready: Barack Obama will be the first sitting president to go on The Tonight Show. If only Conan had already taken over…

The Last "Late Night with Conan O’Brien"

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As I was saying yesterday it’s a little strange to find oneself in a post-Conan universe, even if it’s been nearly a decade since I watched an episode. Between his work on The Simpsons and his early work on Late Night, he’s definitely something like a saint for my particular demographic.

Huffington Post has some highlights from the final show.

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February 21, 2009 at 5:43 pm

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Friday Night Links

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Friday night links while I wait for Jaimee to get home so I can watch some science fiction and turn my brain off.

* George Will is in the news this week for his latest stunningly dishonest column on climate change, which the Washington Post has perversely decided to stand behind. The statement from the paper’s ombudsman is here.

* The EPA under the Obama administration will finally be able to take carbon seriously.

* Secure website authentification questions.

* Howard Machtinger looks back at his participation in the Weather Underground to acknowledge the group’s failures. Via MeFi and Matt Yglesias.

While “New Morning” signaled the WU’s commitment to taking greater care after the accident to target property and not people, it did not acknowledge the WU’s own responsibility for the politics of the Townhouse collective.

WU leaders––then and since––failed to reckon candidly and directly with what it meant, politically and humanly, that core members of the organization had planned to use fragmentation bombs to kill attendees at a dance.

* The complete Pac-Man dossier: everything there is to know about the game, from ghost logic to how to play the kill screen. Via MeFi.

* Hard to believe we’ve all outlived Late Night with Conan O’Brien. I haven’t watched the show in years, but it was formative to my sense of “funny” as a teenager. Here’s Colbert saying goodbye the only way he knows how.

* Wither Burris? It doesn’t look good for the man nobody wanted to be Senator anyway.