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College as Country Club

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“One important implication of our analysis is that for many institutions, demand-side market pressure may not compel investment in academic quality, but rather in consumption amenities,” write the authors, three University of Michigan scholars.

University in Ruins

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John Tierney at the Atlantic has your university in ruins roundup. Many of these links have already appeared on this blog individually—but taken together, all at once, they paint a pretty bleak picture of the state of the American university system. Enjoy your Saturday, Ph.D. students!

Are Our Students Learning?

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Apparently not—and it’s mostly our fault:

The main culprit for lack of academic progress of students, according to the authors, is a lack of rigor. They review data from student surveys to show, for example, that 32 percent of students each semester do not take any courses with more than 40 pages of reading assigned a week, and that half don’t take a single course in which they must write more than 20 pages over the course of a semester. Further, the authors note that students spend, on average, only about 12-14 hours a week studying, and that much of this time is studying in groups.

But Probably Not

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“Not being able to attend your first choice college … [is] not the end of the world,” he says. “You can still have a productive life and career.”

Tuesday Links

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Day after Labor Day links.

* The U.S. drops to second-place in international competitiveness, behind the hated Swiss.

* Food flags.

* Washington Monthly foretells the death of the university in favor of trade schools like ITT. MeFi debates.

* Also at MeFi: Google Maps Monopoly and a time-travel linkdump.

* Gawker reports Facebook makes you smart and Twitter makes you stupid. Be advised.

* And a commenter on my Flickr account asks the real question: what’s a young George W. Bush doing in my current blog icon?

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September 8, 2009 at 1:35 pm

Sorry for So Many Linkdumps

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Sorry there’s been so many linkdumps and so little of everything else lately. I’ll get back to business soon.

* Watchmen settlement reached!

* Top ten other science fiction films for the thinking man.

* Duke’s “Hoof ‘n’ Horn” is running Superman: The Musical this week and next. Need I say more?

* It’s a show I don’t watch anymore, but nonetheless I’m greatly angered to discover that The Simpsons completely retconned the history of Homer and Marge’s marriage. I’m aware it happened last year. WORST EPISODE EVER.

* ‘The Turning Point: How the Susan Crawford interview changes everything we know about torture.’ Via Matt Yglesias. More on torture at Glenn Greenwald. I still haven’t decided whether prosecutions are better than a truth and reconciliation commission, but there has to be a reckoning.

* The headline reads, “History May See Lincoln-Like Greatness in George W. Bush.” Suuuuuuure.

* The facts are in: college is expensive. Very expensive. How else could I make such mad bank?