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Monday Links

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* A tale that grew in the telling: The Hobbit is officially a trilogy. Oh, all right, I’ll allow it.

* 84-minute David Foster Wallace TV interview from 2003. Go ahead, I’ll be here when you’re done.

* Symbolism a bit on the nose, don’t you think? is claiming Barack Obama is descended from the first slave in America—on his mother’s side.

* Postscript on the Society of Control: Twitter can predict when you’ll get sick a week before you do, with 90% accuracy.

* Just remember, the Koch brothers can buy anything, but they can’t buy science.

* What everyone is linking today: How to Slowly Kill Yourself and Others in America: A Remembrance.

Predatory For-Profit Colleges Pay Executives Based On Corporate Profitability, Not Student Outcomes. Meanwhile, 86% of these companies’ revenue is coming from the federal government.

A proposed court-supervised agreement filed today will ease restrictions for transgender people born in Illinois to obtain new birth certificates that reflect their correct gender.

* The People of the Future have finally come to collect Chris Marker. Rest in peace.

* And today in obscenity: Sexual Assault Victims Charged Up To $1,200 In Wisconsin For Cost Of Their Rape Kits. That’s not okay at all.