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Thursday Night Health Care

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Let’s start with health care. With the Senate bill out, most of the lefty politics blogs are trying to figure out the details of what’s next. A few highlights:

* The Senate bill by the numbers.
* What takes effect before 2014? Ezra Klein elaborates with a longer list.
* States will probably be able to opt out immediately, though I doubt many will.
* Reid, obviously concerned that I don’t totally hate him lately, explicitly rules out reconciliation.
* At least the self-proclaimed “centrists” remain consistently terrible. Bayh and Nelson have confirmed they’ll bring the bill to the floor, so I guess there’s that.

Heath Care! Special 4000th Post Edition

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I’m still Twittering, so I’ll just say here that was pretty dynamite. We’ll have to wait and see whether and how much it moves the needle, but it seems like a corner has been turned; Democrats in the chamber seemed ecstatic, Republicans angry and small. The Teddy Kennedy tribute, segueing into a explicit articulation of the moral duty for health care reform, was spellbinding, and, for some members, deeply shaming. Another historic speech from a guy who really makes it look easy.

Doing some liveblogging at Twitter.

My 4000th post on this blog—something like 9,500 since starting Backwards City in May 2004—is devoted to the president’s upcoming speech on health care. Robert Reich says the trigger is bunk. Ed Kilgore says it isn’t. Even-the-liberal New Republic‘s Jon Chait explains why centrism is bunk. Millionaire Rush Limbaugh says you don’t even need insurance. An end to the gang of six? Tea leaves suggest Obama may finally be ready to go it alone. Schumer talks up reconciliation. President Clinton’s health-care speech from 1993. Steve Benen on where things stand. Ezra Klein on where things stand. Excerpts from the speech.

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September 9, 2009 at 11:29 pm

Monday Politics!

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Monday politics!

* Žižek’s recent lectures on “Notes Towards a Definition of Communist Culture” are now online as MP3s. Some video here.

* How much will Waxman-Markey actually cost? Only about $175 per household. But does it really matter how much it “costs” when the alternative is worldwide disaster? The real problem with Waxman-Markey is that it costs too little, because it doesn’t do nearly enough. (Or much of anything.) See the Breakthrough Institute’s analysis for more. (UPDATE: Wound up doing another post about this up the page.)

* Emboldened by polls that show public backing for a government health insurance plan, Democrats are moving to make it a politically defining issue in the debate over the future of medical care. (Via Benen.) I’ve never seen the Democrats “emboldened.” I wonder what it’s like.

* Meanwhile, Krugman points Cassandra-like to our sudden but inevitable betrayal by “centrists” in the Democratic caucus.

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June 22, 2009 at 4:38 pm