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* News that a Mississippi high school has canceled prom rather than allow a lesbian couple to attend has caused a “lesbian prom pictures” meme to ripple across the Internets.

* Inside Higher Ed has an article concerning (another) recent spate of suicides at Cornell.

* Saudi Arabia may not worry about Peak Oil, but they’re definitely nervous about Peak Demand.

* If David Brooks had a point, he might have a point. More from Taibbi and Chait.

* More Congressional procedure! Just because “deem and pass” happens all the time doesn’t mean it’s not tyranny when Nancy Pelosi does it. Ezra Klein is right when he says we should simplify Congressional procedure, but I think our friends in the GOP would be the first to tell us we can’t just unilaterally disarm.

* Avatar will be rereleased with an additional forty minutes à la Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings films, bringing its total running time to three days.

* But what the world needs most, of course, is another Battlestar Galactica sequel. I’ve fallen off watching Caprica, but from what I hear it’s at least good enough to Netflix—but I’m really not sure what’s left for a third series, except (perhaps) something pre-apocalpytic set on contemporary Earth using the BSG mythology as its starting point. Still, and it’s just a crazy idea: why not something new?

Sunday 2

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Sunday 2.

* Caprica: actually not bad? Will I really allow myself to be roped in by Ron Moore again? The worst parts of the pilot are the parts that force the tie-in to BSG; I wish the show could have been green-lit without it.

* Dollhouse tidbits: an easter egg from the last episode pointing to the true owners of the Dollhouse and an answer to the question of what’s going on with Fred/Dr. Saunders/Whiskey.

I’m not your friend in here, Echo

Looks more and more as if Fred’s body, the former Whiskey, was imprinted with a copy of Dr. Saunders after the original was killed by Alpha. I think this accounts for both why she hates the Dollhouse and why she won’t act against it; she needs it to continue to exist.

* A sixpart interview with Alan Moore at Newsarama from my new friend and local writer Zack Smith. Via MeFi.

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May 3, 2009 at 11:23 pm


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Busy day today, and I’ve got a large backlog of links to work though. First up: Battlestar Galactica spoilers! In addition to the new trailer for season 4.5

there’s also this SyFy Portal post claiming that the Fifth Final Cylon is one of five characters (highlight to read): Lee, Roslin, Gaeta, Ellen Tigh, or Cally. The last name has been my choice for a while. io9 explains why all five names suck.

In other news, Sci-Fi has finally green-lit Caprica.

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December 2, 2008 at 5:42 pm

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Good News for culturemonkeys (All about the 1950s)

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Never say Hollywood can’t learn from its mistakes. The producers have figured out how to please everyone: maintain earnestness regardless of the inherent absurdity of the genre, be ‘topical’ by way of empty allegory, be spectacularly violent, never stop moralizing. Meet these requirements, and a great deal of variety is possible: one has free reign to be jokey or serious, bright or gloomy, undisguisedly sexist, racist, homophobic, or none of the above, ‘critical,’ or ‘wish fulfillment.’ Or all of the above. These labels are simply not the creator’s responsibility. Restore the superhero’s propaganda function, in short, and in so doing prove Sontag’s thesis that “pure camp” is always so for the future and not the present.** The comic book-loving nerds of my generation are now faced with the dubious realization of our pubescent dreams: the nerds have taken over Hollywood, and the responsibility thus falls to the Figure of the Superhero to ‘teach us’ something about the “human condition.”

Good news for culturemonkeys: Ryan has a great post on superhero cinema over there. (And here too.) It’s more or less the definitive post on Dark Knight. But a few quick thoughts. First, I think Acephalous’s attempt to rehabilitate the film from attempts to understand it solely as a “balls-out obvious apolog[y] for the authoritarian, repressive ‘excesses’ of global capitalism” is instructive, and definitely worth reading.

Second, Ryan writes that we are currently experiencing the”repetition-as-farce of the ’50s”—but this doesn’t strike me as a new phenomenon. Isn’t it more the case that postwar American culture is perpetually returning to the ’50s as a site of degrading, doomed unity?

This is to say that Jameson’s claim that WWII is the moment of highest American nostalgia par excellence is, I think, fundamentally correct, with the revision that it’s more the period from Dec. 1941 to August 29, 1949, the day the Russians exploded their first atomic bomb. The ’50s are the memory of “the good ’40s” combined with and juxtaposed against the reality of 8/29/49—they are the dawning but perpetually unfinished recognition of how it all will go / is going / has already gone wrong. In other words, the ’50s themselves were a repetition-as-farce the first time around of the ideologically unacceptable, apocalyptic shock at the end of the previous decade—and we find ourselves going back to the ’50s for answers whenever we get shocked again.

That’s why, when 1973 is the year of disaster for American capitalism, Happy Days premieres in January 1974.

Battlestar and Joss Whedon News

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Sci-Fi has a trailer up for the Battlestar Galactica prequel Caprica, while Joss Whedon is frantically running around trying to reassure everyone that the shooting of a new Dollhouse pilot doesn’t mean that Dollhouse is the new Firefly.

Also in Joss Whedon News, there’s been some pushback on Dr. Horrible over the fact that he’s once again killed over a female love interest in order to provide character development for male characters. I guess not even the creator of Buffy the Vampire Slayer can escape the siren song of a woman in a refrigerator.

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July 23, 2008 at 3:10 pm

‘Caprica’ Airs This Fall

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While we wait for the last twelve hours of Battlestar Galactica (coming in 2009) we’ll at least have the long-awaited Caprica prequel to look forward to. Given my recent interest in Mad Men I find the spoilers rather interesting: it looks as though the BSG producers will be pretty explicitly aiming for a 1950s vibe.

io9 linked to some interesting photos this morning along these lines:

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July 9, 2008 at 10:39 pm

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