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Monday Morning Links

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* National Geographic: “Zombie” Ants Found With New Mind-Control Fungi. (Thanks Erica!)

* Income inequality in the U.S., Egypt, China, and elsewhere. Via Christina by way of Tim.

* The Bureau of Labor Statistics highlights women at work. The number you’re looking for is 81.2 cents on the dollar.

* Demystifying everything: Blue eyes not actually blue.

* And McSweeney’s has an important report from H.P. Lovecraft’s First Day as a Substitute Teacher at Arkham Junior High School.

Science and Technology Minute

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Time for a science and technology minute.

* All blue-eyed people have a single, common ancestor.

* Diet sodas make you fatter.

* With news that Netflix is going to stop carrying HD-DVD discs, it looks like Blu-ray is going to win the format war. (I wonder how big a role the Playstation 3 played in this—I suspect it wasn’t small.) Like kottke, I still wonder whether these companies aren’t fighting over a graveyard. On-demand digital delivery seems like the future.

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February 12, 2008 at 3:08 pm