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Quittin’ Time

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* Signs of the end times: another flock of dead birds has fallen out of the sky.

* If we’re going to retroactively censor Mark Twain, I’d say “slave” seems significantly more offensive to me than “n*gger” insofar as it accedes to the noxious proposition that some people can be slaves in the first place. People can be enslaved, of course—but no person is a slave. In my own rare writing and teaching on slavery I try to favor “so-called slave” and “enslaved person” in a quiet effort to highlight that slavery is not an essence but a structure of violent domination.

But really we should just leave old books alone.

* The Very Wealthy Man: An Innocent Fable of No Relevance to Contemporary Events.

* 20 years of the ADA.

* Is this tomorrow? American under communism!

* And you know you had me at 75 Sensational Examples Of Sci-Fi Illustration.