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Sunday Morning Links, Including Proof I Would Have Never Cut It in Law School

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Some random links I’ve been hanging onto this weekend:

* Congratulations to, finally getting their memorial for Stephanie Brown (Robin IV) in the Batcave. Finally, there’s no more sexism in comics. At last.

* Here’s Shift, a quick but enjoyable platform game that relies on rotating the playing field for its gimmick.

* Deal to end writer’s strike near?

* There were five accidental taser deaths in January. It’s a good thing these things are non-lethal…

* And finally, via MeFi, here’s an interesting article wrestling with the tough questions at the margins of of attorney-client privilege. The MeFi comments have a lot of other good links on the same subject. I recognize intellectually the reasons why one ought to be a absolutist in favor of procedural protections like attorney-client privilege, but I have to admit that in practice I feel willing to sacrifice ironclad rules in favor of results that seem plainly more just. The important point for me is that the Law is only a proxy for justice, an approximation of it; the Law and justice are not the same thing.

The question, always, is where the move away from strict legal proceduralism stops—and the impossibility of drawing any sort of line short of pure absolutism inevitably pushes me, dialectically, back towards absolutism again…

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February 3, 2008 at 3:19 pm