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Why Families of America’s Olympics Athletes Are Broke.

As the startling news of the Douglas and Lochte family financial woes stun sports fans, the idea of paying Olympic athletes—or at least giving some sort of monetary respite to their families—is a nice one, but it’s not plausible. Besides, says Mike Lopresti at USA Today, what these athletes and their families are getting from the Olympic experience is already immeasurable compensation.

“The Olympics are where a moment on the medal stand, representing 300 million people, is beyond price,” he says. “Opportunity is the treasure that is offered at the Olympics. The chance to hold up a championship, not to a happy owner or satisfied season-ticket base, but a country. The chance to lean over and have someone slip a gold medal over your head. For many it will be the most cherished day of their sporting lives. That’s not enough for someone? Then why be there?”

Exactly! If NBC and its phalanx of reporters can work for free to cover the Olympics, just like all the corporations and contractors who work for free to build, supply, and staff the Olympic Village, why can’t these greedy athletes step up?