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Tuesday Night

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* If you missed it, TPM has the text of Obama’s speech tonight explaining the escalation in Afghanistan. Very disappointing, if not altogether unexpected. The (very) small bright side is the timetable for beginning our withdrawal: July 2011.

* TNR‘s The Vine has a good post on the CRU hack in context. Judging from the emails I’ve been receiving I suspect his call for a sense of perspective on this may go unheeded.

* Cal Cunningham will run for Senate in North Carolina after all.

* 25 years after Bhopal.

* Krugman: Yes, the recession is probably over in a technical sense, but that doesn’t mean that full employment is just around the corner. Historically, financial crises have typically been followed not just by severe recessions but by anemic recoveries; it’s usually years before unemployment declines to anything like normal levels. And all indications are that the aftermath of the latest financial crisis is following the usual script. The Federal Reserve, for example, expects unemployment, currently 10.2 percent, to stay above 8 percent — a number that would have been considered disastrous not long ago — until sometime in 2012.

* And Boing Boing highlights a study showing altruists and sociopaths share similar pathologies—not that this is news to any reader of Batman comics…