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‘The Always-Dubious Distinction between “Natural” and “Manmade” Disasters Is Increasingly Obsolete’

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While, as “acts of God,” natural disasters have long been considered outside the realm of the political, no matter their proximate cause they can reveal social processes and vulnerabilities: the geography of poverty and race within a neighborhood; the negligence of government in maintaining essential services and infrastructure; possibly even the gradual accumulation of carbon molecules within the atmosphere.

Alyssa Battistoni: “The Flood Next Time.”

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January 11, 2013 at 1:39 pm

Tuesday Morning

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* An arrest has been made in the Times Square car-bombing case. Click the link to find out the ethnicity of the accused and therefore whether this was terrorism.

* New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has broken a 63-year precedent and refused to reappoint a sitting judge to the New Jersey Supreme Court, opting instead to nominate someone who has neither been a judge nor active in politics. Click the link to find out the ethnicity of the two judges and therefore whether Christie’s a bold innovator or bowing to special interests.

* Superman vs. offshore drilling. Zack Morris vs. offshore drilling.

* Discussion question: When is an entirely manmade disaster an act of God?

* WTFArizona: Arizona Senate Majority Leader Follows Stormfront on Twitter.

* A rare thing that isn’t soul-crushingly terrible: Jimmy Fallon’s ongoing Lost parody, Late.

* And it was forty years ago today.