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*More* Weekend Links? Can It Be?

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41BSSAd0WEL._SX325_BO1,204,203,200_* Jaimee’s amazing first book has a preorder page at Amazon. Book launches in October! See her webpage for some of her online poems in the meantime!

* The entire natural world is celebrating this event. Dolphins are riding whales off the coast of Hawaii.

* The latest at Marquette’s Haggerty Museum of Art yet.

Keywords for the Age of Austerity 21 / Wednesday Night Fights: “Equity” vs. “equality.” Two words enter! One word leaves!

* Are universities in wealthy nations exploiting researchers from developing countries, treating them mainly as data gatherers instead of respected colleagues? And, wielding all the money and the clout, do Western academics fail to engage with their counterparts in emerging nations as true partners in the research collaborations?

* In the intensifying debate over whether to reduce federal government regulations on universities and colleges, one number has been at the forefront: $150 million. That’s what Vanderbilt University says a study found it spends each year complying with government red tape: 11 percent of the university’s entire budget.

A University Without Shared Governance is Not a University.

U. of Wisconsin Professor’s Tweets Draw Criticism From Her Own Colleagues. Another social media trainwreck for academia.

* From Open Humanities Press: Art in the Anthropocene: Encounters Among Aesthetics, Politics, Environments and Epistemologies.

Video shows that African-American woman who died in custody did not assault an officer as police claimed.

Millennials Who Are Thriving Financially Have One Thing in Common.

‘Streets of Old Milwaukee’ to close for reimagining, sensory upgrade.

Confessions of an Executioner.

* On Otherkin.

The Judy Greer effect: Why a ridiculously talented actress gets stuck with so many thankless roles.

Watching ‘The Stanford Prison Experiment’ In The Era Of Mass Incarceration.

One man’s journey from Sesame Street to the heart of truther collage art.

* Age at First Marriage and Divorce Risk.

* I know it usually seems like we’re living in the darkest timeline, but we need to remember every day that somehow we got spared The Amazing Spider-Man 3.

Episode five of Telltale’s Game of Thrones arrives next week.

* Probably not a good sign — though I think I’m most upset that they made the robot so apologetic.

* xkcd reads sports rulebooks like I read sports rulebooks.

Over a decade ago, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow laid the foundations for today’s effects-driven blockbusters. Why haven’t its creators made a film since?

And warming of oceans due to climate change is unstoppable, say US scientists. Have a good weekend, everyone!


Castro, 9/11 Truth, Smears and Slurs, Accomplishments

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Thursday links about politics and other junk.

* Utne takes a look inside the 9/11 Truth Movement.

* Via Ezra Klein, Rootless Cosmopolitan looks at the complicated and contradictory legacy of Fidel Castro.

What fascinates me, however, is the guilty pleasure with which so many millions of people around the world revere Fidel Castro — revere him, but wouldn’t dream of emulating his approach to economics or governance. People, in other words, who would not be comfortable actually living in Castro’s Cuba, much as they like the idea of him sticking it the arrogant yanqui, his physical and political survival a sure sign that Washington’s awesome power has limits — and can therefore be challenged.

* Glenn Greenwald looks at a week of incredibly petty mass-media attacks on Barack Obama (all suddenly materializing in the moment that he is the presumptive nominee, as if by some kind of magic!):

The point isn’t that this reflects poorly on Obama’s electability — it doesn’t, at all (it might do the opposite). The point is that that one should expect what’s coming, and realize — most importantly — that our establishment press takes its cues in all sorts of ways from exactly the dark crevices from which this filth spews and they will lead the way in helping to spread it. The establishment press is dependent upon the GOP establishment, which for years has provided them with their sources and access, and helping to spread this poison is what they do.

All four of these so-called scandals are completely ridiculous, but it’s Bill O’Reilly’s “lynching party” comment that really blows me away—how could a remark like that be anything but deliberate?

And for the record, while I can’t really speak on the merits of last night’s John McCain non-story without knowing what was “lawyered out,” in its current form it looks as if it should probably have been spiked altogether, and I’m sorry to see so many liberal bloggers linking to it with such (understandable) glee. The material in the story that’s either actually relevant or actually damning—Keating, corporate jets, favors for lobbyists, and so forth—is completely drowned out by the silly whiff of sex scandal.

And of course, we should note that it’s not exactly against McCain’s interests to be perceived as being smeared by the New York Times… This is a lot better press for him than their endorsement was.

* Other Obama links: Andrew Sullivan’s list of Obama’s legislative accomplishments in a post entitled “Dear Chris Matthews: Please Do Your Job”—and please don’t think I take any pleasure in linking approvingly to something written by Sullivan—and news that Obama has won Democrats Abroad by a 2-to-1 margin, bringing the streak to 11-0.

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