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In short, Wisconsin Republicans have declared total war on public education. Both the K-12 bill and the UW bill were negotiated and written totally in secret by committee Republicans, with the details released to the public only hours before the final, fore-ordained votes were held. Moral and political commitments aside, this leaves one to wonder whether those legislators who are quickest to cite “market-based” considerations have even a basic understanding of what Wisconsin’s comparative advantage is. Wisconsin has a hard-earned and well-deserved reputation for its excellent public schools and universities. Without those, what is the point of living in Wisconsin as opposed to some other state? Set aside the fact that no UW campus will ever be able to recruit a top-tier scholar again. Why would anyone choose Wisconsin as a place to raise their family? Why would anyone in their right mind move to Wisconsin after this budget? More from Chuck Rybak and the Journal-Sentinel itself.

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  1. and as 17+ year UWM employee… why in the world would i stay?
    I have developed a unique program here, one that educates and prepares people who then go out and get *really* good jobs (2 of my 3 graduates this year are going to work at Princeton using the skills they learned working with me, the 3rd is entering a PhD program at UIUC). When I leave it will most likely fall apart. This makes me *very* sad.


    May 30, 2015 at 10:06 am

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