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9781107052468* The Cambridge Companion to American Science Fiction has a pre-order page! Open your wallets! Contact your local librarian! Get your Hugo nomination ballots ready!

* It’s a shame about Joan Rivers. The documentary about her is great. She was good on the Nerdist podcast too.

* Amazing, astounding: The Eaton Collection just got a $3.5 million gift.

Through its increasing corporatization in the last two decades, the university in the United States has implemented an organizational ideology that has created a climate unfavorable for women faculty. By overvaluing and intensifying managerial principles, the university in the United States has strengthened discursive masculinity and has worsened women faculty’s likelihood of professional advancement. Consequently, the adoption and implementation of managerialism in higher education in the United States is a question of gender equity for the academic profession. Feminist educational scholars have been relatively quiet on the growth of managerialism in the university and its impact on gender equity. In particular, feminist scrutiny of managerialism’s discursive masculinity and its effects on gender equity in the university has been lacking. This conceptual article presents a feminist analysis of managerialism and its implications for women faculty in the United States; it examines how managerial culture and practices adopted by universities have revived, reinforced, and deepened the discourse of masculinity.

* inconsequential research kills don’t inconsequential research today

* The future’s just a little bit janky: Awesome Home-Built Elysium Exoskeleton Lifts 170 Pounds Like Nothing.

* The Freedom to Starve: The New Job Economy.

California is the state of sunshine, movie stars— and Supermax prisons.

* This 3D-rendered Spider-Woman will haunt your dreams.

* People don’t like Spider-Woman’s butt because of Islam, says illustrator.

* The coming student debt apocalypse.


* The arc of history is long, but: Rams Cut Sam, First Drafted Openly Gay Player.

In four federal lawsuits, including one that is on appeal, and more than a half-dozen investigations over the past decade, colleagues of Darren Wilson’s have separately contested a variety of allegations, including killing a mentally ill man with a Taser, pistol-whipping a child, choking and hog-tying a child and beating a man who was later charged with destroying city property because his blood spilled on officers’ clothes.

When police catch “contagious shooting.” Even When Police Do Wear Cameras, Don’t Count on Seeing the Footage. Police Body Cameras Don’t Address the Real Problem: Police.

Cop Charged With Sexually Assaulting Eight Women Under Threat of Arrest.

* All about how airlines cancel flights. Okay, but listen, I’m still mad.

* Headlines from the Anthropocene: Drought-Stricken California Makes Historic Move To Regulate Underground Water For The First Time. Are You Ready for a 35-Year Drought?

* Cataclysm in suburbia: The dark, twisted history of America’s oil-addicted middle class.

The Moon Landing Went Far Better Than the Practice Landing.

* A previously unpublished chapter of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Astronomers Discover A Planetary Impact Outside Our Own Solar System.

* And a radical communist provocation to shake your delicate sensibilities to the core: Shaking Down the Elderly for Student Loan Debt Should Not Be Allowed.

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  1. Is there a table of contents for the Cambridge Companion?

    Stephen Frug

    August 31, 2014 at 5:19 pm

    • Yes, you can find one at the Cambridge UP site:

      1. The mightiest machine: the development of American science fiction from the 1920s to the 1960s Gary Westfahl
      2. Dangerous visions: new-wave and post-new-wave science fiction Darren Harris-Fain
      3. American science fiction after 9/11 David M. Higgins
      4. Afrofuturism in American science fiction Lisa Yaszek
      5. Feminist and queer science fiction in America Alexis Lothian
      6. The futures market: American utopias Mark Bould
      7. American slipstream: science fiction and literary respectability Rob Latham
      8. Hollywood science fiction Sherryl Vint
      9. US superpower and superpowered Americans in science fiction and comic books Matthew Costello
      10. Digital games and science fiction Patrick Jagoda
      11. Fandom and fan culture Karen Hellekson
      12. American frontiers John Rieder
      13. Science, technology and the environment Priscilla Wald
      14. American weird Roger Luckhurst
      15. After America Rebekah C. Sheldon.

      There’s also a short intro by Eric and myself as well as a chronology and a bibliography….


      August 31, 2014 at 6:01 pm

  2. Thanks. Looks great!

    Stephen Frug

    September 1, 2014 at 8:45 am

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