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I just draw it for myself. I guess I have a gift for expressing pedestrian tastes. In a way, it’s kind of depressing. TCJ: The Bill Watterson Interview (1989).

* “Nada”: The comic adaptation of the short story that inspired They Live!

ScreenShot2013-10-10at4.58.38PM* The PhD Deluge.

Jared Diamond: We Could Be Living in a New Stone Age by 2114. Taking the “over” on whether there’ll still be human beings alive in a hundred years, I guess…

* Anthropocene or Capitalocene?

It was the final night of Uncivilization, an outdoor festival run by the Dark Mountain Project, a loose network of ecologically minded artists and writers, and he was standing with several dozen others waiting for the festival’s midnight ritual to begin.

* Terrible New York Times article on a fascinating topic: the “year zero” project of cultural destruction in Mali.

* Aboriginal rights a threat to Canada’s resource agenda, documents reveal.

After Holding Mentally Disabled Man Hostage for 34 Years, Texas Rules He Conspired to Keep Himself in Jail.

In order to pay for his son Cole’s life-saving surgery, he transported meth. But he got caught. Eighteen years later, his family, and the man who prosecuted him, are still working to set him free.

* Women prisoners sterilized to cut welfare costs in California. Of course it was illegal.

Half of New York City Teens Behind Bars Have A Brain Injury, Study Finds.

* Every once in a while Matt Yglesias still writes something good: The case for confiscatory taxation.

* Carceral leftism: jail time for wage theft?

* Piketty reviews from James K. Galbraith and Doug Henwood.

Synanon’s Sober Utopia: How a Drug Rehab Program Became a Violent Cult.

* Inside the “certified miracle” that will make Pope John Paul II a saint.

The Case for Drawing and Doodling in Class. Can’t we just medicate this impulse away?

* The liberal version of unskewing the polls is declaring victory in election cycles that are years away. We’ve got them right where we want them!

* College is probably cheaper than you think, though that’s not saying much.

I Ran the Pyongyang Marathon.

* Powdered alcohol: what could possibly go wrong?

* Your personal information is worth just $0.16.

* Coming out as a porn star. From Vox, the site dedicated to explaining the news with clarity and specificity traditional news outlets can’t afford.

* Meanwhile, at a traditional news outlet: Can the Klan rebrand? They’ve tried before. Kudos, CNN, you remain the absolute worst.

* Hugo nominees 2014. If you know who Vox Day is, you know how messed up things are about to get.

Criminal Cab Driver Mastermind (Allegedly) Evaded 3,000 Tolls.

* Antonin Scalia, Patriot.

* Abandon all hope watch: “The Democrats have a mega-donor problem.” Why can’t these naive billionaires see that Democrats who won’t support good policy are better than Republicans who oppose good policy!

On a crisp morning in late March, an elite group of 100 young philanthropists and heirs to billionaire family fortunes filed into a cozy auditorium at the White House, and the clocks were striking thirteen.

There’s A Hidden Timebomb In The Senate Rules That Will Go Off If A Supreme Court Justice Retires. But don’t you dare suggest anyone retire now to avoid disaster.

* Life is not a game. Neither is Candy Crush.

* Tumblr of the week: They Get It.

* This was the story of the Hurricane. Hurricane Carter’s dying wish. 

* Marek Edelman: Last surviving leader of the 1943 Warsaw Ghetto uprising against the Nazis.

I told that student they are much better off being a B student in computer science than an A+ student in English because it signals a rigor in your thinking and a more challenging course load. If you can’t tell that an A+ student in anything is doing singularly impressive work I don’t think “rigor” is your strong suit.

* Beyond the quantum computer: temporal computing.

Nebraska School Gives Most Idiotic Advice Ever to Deal with Bullies. Don’t defend yourself, don’t ask for help…

* Paging Margaret Atwood: Drug that wipes out vultures may cause an EU eco-disaster.

* The Farscape movie is happening.

* Why did the TV version of Game of Thrones change Jaime Lannster into a rapist? More here. I’d gotten the impression that Jaime’s arc in the novels goes from “does the worst possible thing imaginable in very first appearance” to “kind of heroic?”’; last night’s episode makes that reading seem impossible.

All of which is build-up to pointing out that in the book, the reunion between Cersei and Jaime is seen from Jaime’s point of view. And once we consider that, those moments when Cersei has questions of propriety in the middle of their love making can take on a more sinister tone. What if we’re being kept from the true horror of what Jaime’s doing because we’re inside his head? 

The inventor of the American suburban shopping mall was a socialist. Could his creation have been saved?

* The politics of the liberal arts nanny.

* And the 26 Best Cities In The World To See Street Art. Below: Philadelpia.


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  1. The Farscape movie is happening.

    We happy?

    (long pause)

    VINCENT! We happy?

    Stephen Frug

    April 21, 2014 at 3:30 pm

  2. Okay maybe that joke wasn’t as funny as it was in my head. But it was a serious question. Do we predict Farscape wonderfulness? Or terrible, story-ruining agony? Bad sign: didn’t they kinda *finish* the story?

    A few random reactions to other links:

    Jared Diamond: We Could Be Living in a New Stone Age by 2114. Taking the “over” on whether there’ll still be human beings alive in a hundred years, I guess…

    Those crazy optimists.

    In order to pay for his son Cole’s life-saving surgery, he transported meth. But he got caught. Eighteen years later, his family, and the man who prosecuted him, are still working to set him free.

    Shouldn’t he try to pick up some extra cash by suing the makers of Breaking Bad for stealing his life story?

    Carceral leftism: jail time for wage theft?

    I like to think I hate the Prison Industrial Complex as much as anyone — I just taught Alexander’s The New Jim Crow today, for crying out loud — but I have to admit I hesitate to jump on the anti-carceral-across-the-board bandwagon simply because I want to see Those Fuckers (wage thieves. Bankers who crashed economy in ’08. etc.) locked up. I always hesitate when someone talks about how jail should only be for violent criminals; I want to add, “and rich fucks who we have no other way of sufficiently disincentivising, and who really fucking deserve it.” — I have issues. I admit it.

    Tumblr of the week: They Get It.

    They may, but I don’t. What’s this a tumblr of?

    Stephen Frug

    April 21, 2014 at 10:40 pm

    • It’s a Tumblr of It-Getters. God, it’s right there in the title!

      I’m pretty sure the Farscape movie will turn out to be a big mistake, especially as they will (inevitably) have to go around picking up all the missing characters and filling us in on what’s happened in the intervening time. The Dominar is on his throne again, but super-bored! Scorpius is a heroic guerilla leader! Oh, Chiana’s still incorrigible! I’m pretty sure the whole thing will be unbearable.


      April 21, 2014 at 11:29 pm

    • “We need to generate a new vision of restitution and rehabilitation that doesn’t involve revictimizing victims or torturing anyone, not even the guilty.”

      I guess I don’t see it as an either-or. You go to class war with the army you have, etc.


      April 28, 2014 at 8:56 pm

      • uh, i did not attach this to the right comment.


        April 28, 2014 at 9:01 pm

  3. I agree with Stephen about the jail for wage theft thing and it’s solidifying my sense that “carceral ___” obscures more than it clarifies.

    CNN is indeed skeevy, that language is so weird too and reminds me of the article recently where a CIA agent talked about how ISIS sees their brand; this is something I see people making fun of a lot on twitter to mock advertisements and such but it’s actually very very scary that this is now the state/MSM way of articulating these things to the public.


    April 23, 2014 at 1:20 am

    • Well, of course I recall the “Obamacare at the butt of a gun” stuff about enforcement of the indiividual mandate, I can imagine how the objection seems hysterical. But I don’t really recommend jail as the remedy for most crimes. I wouldn’t put petty thieves in jail either. And you’re not going to get a millionaire CEO on this or something; by and large the “wage thieves” for the purpose of this article aren’t owners but low-ranked managers who are low-waged, low-trained workers themselves.


      April 23, 2014 at 6:19 am

      • Well of course no millionaires will go to jail; as for how I feel about petty thieves I’d say it depends on who they’re stealing from. I am Ambivalent about the idea of using jail as a means for anything but if this gives wage laborers leverage to threaten management then that is absolutely a good thing, or at the very least it’s not something I’m going to make a point of opposing.

        I first heard “carceral feminism” to attack Marcotte for advocating jailing a sexual assault victim and thought it was very cutting. But it’s also used for people who prefer sex-work legal regimes that only decriminalize selling and not buying sex, for example. I’m not thrilled with that but I’m not sure it’s worse than the alternative given how different legalization schemes have shaken out. Basically I think it makes sense as a critical label if and only if prison abolitionism is your hard and fast top priority. It’s like calling hate-crime laws “carceral anti-racism.”


        April 24, 2014 at 11:12 pm

      • I think of it as a fairly savvy point about intersectionality that (especially when it comes to “carceral feminism”) is also and simultaneously a what-about-the-men style *defense* of privilege against justice/vengeance. But I think we need it to some extent: iinvolving the police and the prison system in the United States in any crisis is basically never an improvement. We need to generate a new vision of restitution and rehabilitation that doesn’t involve revictimizing victims or torturing anyone, not even the guilty.


        April 25, 2014 at 8:17 am

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